NEW Software Expandable Ka-band ready Victor Matrix from ETL

Model VTR-70 is a compact (1U) full fan-out (distributive) switch matrix / router which provides the user with the flexibility of starting with a smaller matrix, and as operators requirements grow it can be expanded in single steps whilst the unit is in service via software key. This minimises the disruption to operators services.

 Other key features of Model VTR-70 include operating frequency range of 50-2500MHz (Ka-band ready), variable gain to balance input signals, dual redundant power supplies for reliability in service, local control and monitoring via the front panel display and remote control and monitoring via Ethernet with SNMP aand a web browser interface. If power to the matrix is lost, the routes will disconnect however, the routing information and automatic/manual mode state is stored in the matrix so that reconnection of the power will result in restoration of the previous state.

 This new model replaces existing Victor Matrix models VTR-50 and VTR-56. The only change to the features is the addition of software enabled expansion.