Fixed and mobile radio links for analog transport or high capacity digital transport

The portable microwave sistem XPM is the latest product developed by Elber R&D group. A digital link working either in COFDM (standard DVB-T) or single carrier wideband (standard DVB-S2), selectable by software. It is a splittype (2 boxes) system composed of a RF head, waterproof IP65 (tx or rx) and a rack mount lightweight control unit, whose name is Cleber. Cleber can host up to six different boards plug-in, such as encoders, decoders, modulators or demodulator with standards DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T.

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Evolved devices for monitoring and remote control for broadcast

DGQoS Meter

Digital television requires significantly fewer measurement parameters to evaluate the quality of the transmitter output signal. Broadcasters and Network Operators are increasingly interested in knowing the real performance of terrestrial DTT networks, especially after the introduction of SFN transmission. DGQoS Meter allows operators to accurately verify the quality of signals received in viewers' homes, simulating the reception quality of set-top boxes and TVset. DGQoS Meter performs in real-time a great number of measures: RF signal level, MER, C/N, BER and PER.

DGQoS Meter DTT Network Analyzer QoS and analysis of DTT networks, DGQoS Server Centralized network management systems DTV monitoring, DGQoS View3 & View4 Monitoring terminal