Nimbus, inc. offers an innovative provider of Wireless/Internet multimedia communication system, especially transmitting and receiving 1080p60 full HD resolution of video and high-quality audio over the air.The company’s WiMi series of systems represents near zero delay (within 30ms~80ms) H.264 HD encoder /decoder solution combining the ubiquity, flexibility and simplicity of the latest H.264 codec with the radio coverage of 900m at the line of sight.

  • WiMi6220 – Wireless HD/3G-SDI, HDMI with Low Latency (80ms) Live Streaming by H.264 Encoder/Decoder, Radio Coverage: 1,500m (5,000ft) at line of sight
  • WiMi5200 – Wireless SDI for HD/3G-SDI by H.264 with Zero Latency(30ms), Radio Coverage: 600m (2,000ft) at line of sight
  • WiMi5150A – Wireless HDMI by H.264 with Zero Latency(30ms), Radio Coverage: 1,500m 5,000ft)
  • WiMi5300A – Ultra-low Latency (20ms) Full HD H.264 Encoder/Decoder & RTSP Streaming, Remote PC with no delay/IP-KVM Extender
  • WiMi6400 – Low Latency (80ms) Full HD & Streaming by H.264 Encoder

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