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NXT 445 Streaming Encoder

A high quality, high profile, MPEG-4/H.264 Encoder, the BrightEye NXT 445 takes 3G/HD/SD SDI and delivers simultaneous IP and DVB-ASI streaming outputs. The web-enabled control port makes it easy to configure and monitor. Or use the live view front panel display and menu system for local control. The base NXT 445 also includes dual built-in TSGs, TCP, serial remote control and support for the 5835 Action Panel.

NXT410, NXT430

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BrightEye Embedders/Disembedders

BrightEye 20 is a versatile audio mux/demux. With SD SDI video I/O, and both analog and AES I/O, it is field configurable for embedding or disembedding. When configured as a multiplexer, BrightEye 20 has one serial digital video input and two AES digital audio inputs. Alternately, the 4 channel analog audio input can be used. The audio is embedded into the digital video stream. The output is a serial digital video stream that contains the original video plus the two AES streams or four analog audio channels.

Range Incl: BE-20, BE-21, BE-22, BE-23, BE-24, BE-25, BE-26, BE-30, BE-70, BE-71, BE-72, BE-73, BE-74, BE-75, BE-76

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BrightEye Mitto

The BrightEye Mitto™ family of high performance scan converters provide a new way to take just about any source to 3G, HD or SD SDI video. Computer video can now be used for the most demanding applications including broadcast, high-end military, medical, classroom, church and corporate. All Mitto units accept VGA, DVI and HDMI input signals from PC and Mac computers.

Range Incl: BEM-1, BEM-1F, BEM-2,BEM-2F, BEM-4

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BrightEye Routers

Extensive range of Compact Routers

The new family of BrightEye NXT Compact Routers provides clean quiet switching of video and audio sources and has both an exclusive front panel LCD that displays realtime full motion video of your router sources and an intuitive web interface that provides complete control from your iPhone, tablet or computer.

NXT-450, NXT-445, NXT-430-X, NXT-410-H, NXT-410, NXT-415, NXT-430