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IP Encapsulator 4000A (IPE-4000A)

The IPE-4000A is a solid state, fully embedded, Linux-based IP Encapsulator. The IPE-4000A receives IP packets from an Ethernet connection and encapsulates selected packets into an MPEG-2 transport stream per DVB or ATSC specifications. Once the IPE has encapsulated the data, it forwards the data packets based on the user configurations. The output transport stream can then be forwarded to a multiplexer or directly to a modulator for the high performance and cost saving transmission of IP data over cable, satellite or terrestrial networks.

IDCConverters / Encoders

Pro Cinema Stereoscopic Encode Processor

Expanding the range of available offerings for digitally equipped cinemas, the Pro Cinema Stereoscopic Encode Processor, with built-in SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D technology, provide a high definition experience that engages audiences with an immersive 3D experience.

The Pro Cinema Stereoscopic Encode Processor combines the left eye and right eye HD-SDI inputs from the stereoscopic  camera into a single HD-SDI signal using visually lossless SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D stereoscopic compression.

The Pro Cinema Stereoscopic Encode Processor can support input up to 1080p 30 4:2:2 10-bit resolution.

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SuperFlex Pro Audio Receivers

The SuperFlex Pro Audio Series features two models: SuperFlex Pro Audio with two audio decoders andSuperFlex Pro Audio XTR with four audio decoders. All the decoders have associated relays sufficient for an AM/FM co-location or AM/FM transmitter pair. Each audio decoder is independent of the other allowing maximum flexibility in data rates, codecs and sample rates: MPEG Layer II for existing DVB compatibility or MPEG Layer III or new High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE‐AAC) for the best audio performance at the lowest bit rate.

The SuperFlex Pro Audio Series is specially designed to allow commercial/program insertion on any channel. Datacast XD client is used to download advertisement files or programs into the receiver via satellite. Copy Split permits real-time triggering of commercials/programming overlays on a receiver by receiver basis and can be done in an event or time scheduled manner.

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Datacast XD

Datacast XD is IDC’s leading edge content management and distribution software. Scalable, modular, and  feature-rich, Datacast XD is proven technology with years of development and long-term deployments by some of the world’s leading broadcasters.

Datacast XD provides high speed, addressable distribution of file-based content to remote client servers. The intuitive, open-standards software design allows for easy integration and operation within existing LAN, WAN, cable and/or satellite IP networks. Users can manage and distribute video, audio and data in simple or complex networks.

Datacast XD Client is included on all IDC SuperFlex receivers including SuperFlex Pro Data, and Pro Video product series.

IDCConverters / Encoders

P561 Audio Encoder

The P561 Audio Encoder features MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding (MPEG-4 AAC) and MPEG Layer II encoding capabilities. All of the common bit rates and sample rates are offered to enhance the IP delivery of audio.

The P561 is an audio encoder for up to eight stereo channels (encoder channels). The unit is built in a compact 19” 1 U housing. It is DSP-hardware based and highly energy efficient (< 2W per stereo channel). The P561 is capable of transporting elementary streams over IP and DVB-compliant MPEG-2 transport stream output via IP or ASI. Several configurations are available to adapt the audio input configuration to the network requirements in a flexible way.

IDCConverters / Encoders

ENC3001T Audio Encoder

The ENC3001T features MPEG-4 HE-AAC, MPEG-2 AAC and ISO/MPEG Layer III encoding capabilities and is fully compliant with international standards. All of the common bit rates and sample rates are offered to enhance the IP delivery of audio.

The ENC3001T includes balanced audio inputs on XLR connectors and digital audio inputs using AES/EBU or Livewire input via networked IP on Ethernet. Livewire, from Axia, is a high-performance uncompressed digital audio networking interface/transport technology which provides savings on network wiring costs while maintaining audio quality by minimizing audio encode/decode occurrences.