Since our incorporation in 1961, Comrex has been in the vanguard of technical development, making use of new and innovative technologies for radio and television well before they hit the mainstream. Our ACCESS and BRIC-Link IP audio codecs make use of sophisticated audio transmission technology to ensure reliable broadcasts over challenging IP networks. We then used our years of experience in IP to develop our CrossLock tools to handle the unique demands of transmitting video, with the development of our LiveShot IP video technology. Throughout it all, we have continued to refine our telephone hybrid technology with products like VH2 and break new ground with products like Opal.

Comrex IP Codecs

  • ACCESS NX Rack – A sleek portable IP audio codec designed with the user in mind.
  • ACCESS MultiRack – A rackmount IP audio codec featuring AES67 for the modern studio.
  • BRIC-Link III – A rock-solid IP audio codec that just works.
  • LiveShot Portable – A portable IP video codec for live wireless newsgathering
  • LiveShot Rackmount – A rackmount video IP codec for live, two-way audio and video

More IP Solutions

  • Opal – An IP audio gateway for easy guest interviews
  • VH2 – A two-line VoIP hybrid for individual broadcast or flawless conferencing
  • EarShot – A VoIP solution for TV IFB

Comrex Tools and Technologies

  • CrossLock VPN – Unmatched reliability in IP transmission
  • Device Manager  – An essential app for configuring, updating and managing your products.
  • Fleet Manager – Fleet Commander is a software application for controlling multiple Comrex IP audio codecs simultaneously.
  • Gagl – Gagl is a cloud service offered by Comrex. It allows up to five users to send and receive audio from computers and smartphones.
  • HotSwap – HotSwap is an enhancement to our CrossLock VPN Technology. It allows you to designate one network as a “backup” that will only be engaged when the primary fails.
  • Switchboard – Switchboard is a feature that allows a Comrex codec to “sync” with a cloud-based server maintained by Comrex.