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OPAL – (Opus Portal)

Opal, short for Opus Portal, is an IP audio gateway.

Perfect for coordinating call-ins with guests who have no technical experience, Opal provides near-studio quality audio with consumer grade equipment. Guests can connect instantly by clicking a link. Opal makes it possible to do long interview segments in HD voice quality, without requiring guests to install apps or fiddle with settings.

Once installed, Opal serves a web page to anyone who accesses it through a computer or Android device (with a microphone, earpiece, and browser). This web page will allow a user to click a button and transmit from their computer or phone using the Opus encoder, for excellent fidelity and low delay.

Opal can support two discrete connections at once. Opal occupies 1/2U of rack space, and two can fit side-by-side in a 19” rack shelf. Connections to Opal can only be made from browsers that support WebRTC (Chrome and Firefox at this time).

ComrexConverters / Encoders


ACCESS NX features a hardware platform that is optimized for running CrossLock, Comrex’s custom reliability layer. CrossLock enables both powerful error correction and network bonding, and intelligently monitors and dynamically adjusts network connections in real-time.

ACCESS NX’s updated hardware platform improves user experience with faster processors and a five-inch capacitive touch screen that doesn’t require a stylus. Other notable hardware features include a new second mic input, phantom power, and an internal battery. ACCESS NX will be compatible with an ACCESS clip-on channel mixer, a new accessory which adds four mic/line inputs and headphone outputs.

Other features include:

  • Intuitive GUI
  • Two USB jacks for 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, Ethernet port, and compatibility with POTS modem (sold separately)
  • Two stereo headphone outputs (¼” jacks) with individual controls
  • Digital mixing and headphone busses
  • Digital peak limiting
  • Field-changeable internal lithium battery with built-in charger (5 hours of power)
  • Serial data & four contact closures
ComrexConverters / Encoders

Remote Control

Whether you just have a pair of Comrex BRIC IP Codecs or even a fleet, Comrex BRIC Remote Control provides you with a powerful codec management tool for centralized control of your devices.

BRIC Remote Control allows you to unify the address books and profiles from all of your codecs into a single location for fast and simple selection of and connection to other BRIC devices. It even communicates with BRIC devices that are part of a managed codec’s BRIC Traversal Server group.

BRIC Remote Control is a free application that can sit on the desktop of your Internet or network connected, Windows-based PC. Simple operating instructions are included in the Help Menu of BRIC Remote Control.

ComrexTV / Radio Transmission

LiveShot Control App

LiveShot Control allows LiveShot users to Scan and Connect via W-Fi directly to a LiveShot Portable’s Wi-Fi access point to control, monitor, configure and adjust the unit in the field. It makes the process very easy by scanning for available LiveShot units, turning on your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection and logging into the LiveShot Portable. With LiveShot Control, you can view transmission stats, quickly change profiles and manage network settings.

ComrexTV / Radio Transmission

Device Manager

Comrex Device Manager 2.0 is a tool for managing all of your Comrex IP-capable equipment. Whether you own a LiveShot IP Video Codec, ACCESS or BRIC-Link IP Audio codecs, STAC or STAC VIP Telephone Call Management systems, Device Manager 2.0 provides a simple and elegant interface for updating, configuring and managing your Comrex devices.

After Device Manager is downloaded and installed, simply click “Scan for Devices” to find any device that is on the same physical IP network as your computer. Device Manager will find all of your Comrex devices and allow you to configure the devices’ IP Networking details, update the devices’ firmware, enable license features, copy and save configuration information and more. If you know the public IP address of a remote Comrex device, you can even perform certain functions such as updating firmware from anywhere you have Internet connectivity.

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Codec Commander

Software for managing your audio codecs

Codec Commander is a Microsoft Windows™ application you can use to control your audio codec. It has all of the capabilities of the built-in, browser-based control page of Comrex codecs – manage your connections, check statistics, view audio metering, adjust audio profiles or change system settings. Codec Commander is a great alternative for those who are concerned about Adobe Flash™.

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ACCESS Rack & Portable 2USB

An IP Codec That’s Up For The Challenge

Content matters, but having the right technology is crucial for bringing any plan to life. Comrex ACCESS 2USB is a full-featured IP codec designed for the field. Rugged, portable, and versatile, ACCESS 2USB is equipped with a simple user interface perfect for the field. And with CrossLock and BRIC Technology, the most sophisticated network management technology on the market, ACCESS 2USB is able to handle even the rockiest data connections. Whether it’s a morning remote from the back of a bicycle, a drop-in from a crowded stadium, or a live news broadcast from a helicopter, ACCESS 2USB is ready for whatever you can dream up.

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High-performance, low-cost, point-to-point IP audio codec.

The BRIC-Link II is a low-cost, high-performance solution for audio-to-IP conversion. Like its predecessor, the BRIC-Link, BRIC-Link II provides an elegant way of moving linear or compressed audio with very low delay. BRIC-Link II is simple to use, and can be deployed over a wide range of IP links. While it carries an entry level cost, BRIC-Link II maintains superb audio specifications and hardware reliability, making the system perfect for STLs and other mission critical applications.

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Groundbreaking Talk Show Management System

STAC is a telephone talk management system that puts you in control of your talk shows, call-ins and phoners with great sound, ease of operation and scalable configuration.

STAC incorporates a pair of Comrex high-performance digital hybrids with automatic audio level control. The result is the most natural sounding telephone audio, even when conferencing multiple callers. A compact, rack-mounting mainframe houses the hybrids, the multiline controller and all telephone and audio connections.

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Two-line VoIP hybrid

Any studio that processes phone calls needs hardware to interface with phone lines. This device, traditionally called a Hybrid, filters, separates and provides gain adjustment and call control to more easily allow for recording or broadcasting “phoners”.

As telephone companies are shifting from traditional phone lines to Voice-over-IP (VoIP) systems, the devices that performed this job in the past are becoming outmoded. Broadcasters need a VoIP hybrid to ensure on-air and recorded phone calls sound as good as possible.

A dual-line hybrid, VH2 connects two VoIP lines to a studio for individual broadcast or flawless conferencing. VH2 prevents echo and distortion, and automatically adjusts caller audio to a uniform level, leaving you with a result that’s clean and clear. Plus, VH2 uses only VoIP phone lines, saving you money and increasing functionality. VH2 can even connect to many VoIP PBX systems.