Comrex LiveShot delivers live, two-way, HD video and audio over a range of IP networks at latencies as low as less than 200mS. Utilizing sophisticated CrossLock VPN technology, LiveShot can make use of even the most challenging 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks to maintain a secure and stable connection. Compact with a versatile interface that can be camera-mounted or slung over your shoulder in LiveShot Pouch, and light-weight at only 3 pounds, LiveShot is portable and designed for the most demanding field broadcasts. Used by TV stations, networks, sports franchises, and government organizations for a broad range of applications, LiveShot is ideal for streaming low-latency broadcast quality audio and video from anywhere Internet is available.


VMS1100 Video Media Server

The VMS-1100 allows you to ingest multiple video streams of tactical downlink and incident video imagery from a variety of deployed assets and distribute it to command staff and strategic ground resources over any IP network. It is a tool that allows disparate multi-jurisdictional teams to work together by increasing situational awareness needed to make quick mission-critical decisions. The VMS securely streams real-time video to your handheld devices in the field (such as smartphones and tablets) allowing tactical response teams to work more efficiently.



TVUPack TM8200 is the premier mobile uplink backpack transmitter featuring a rugged exterior and unique internal modular design. With the ability to transmit live video in HD, the TM8200 features a removable encoder for fixed placement in a studio or other inside setting. It also houses multiple cellular modem cards in a hard case modem module that can be easily removed and moved for optimal transmission.


HDR-5000 Wide Area Network Receiver

V-Net is Vislink’s interoperable public safety video surveillance system combining airborne, maritime, fixed and covert surveillance technologies into a common platform for the collection, management, and distribution of mission critical video. Airborne operations represent a force-multiplier to the public safety community. The ability to view the tactical situation from the air minimizes response time and optimizes officer safety. Vislink’s V-Net products provide crystal clear images from your air support unit direct to command personnel. V-Net’s advanced technology allows aircraft to operate over a wide geographic area while ground based receiver sites are automatically selected to consistently deliver the best possible imagery.


LGR-1000 LiveGear Receiver

The LGR-1000 is a receiver and playout device designed to receive AirStream or AirCam IP transmissions via the internet and provide an HD/ SD-SDI output. It can receive up to 4 AirStream, AirCam or NewStream transmissions simultaneously, providing a cost-effective means to receive live, remote Cellular Newsgathering content, which can then be viewed locally on a HD-SDI monitor or streamed to your favorite content delivery networks. There are no expensive receive site infrastructures to support as with traditional electronic newsgathering systems.

The Vislink Hybrid Newsgathering Solution (outlined in the diagram below) combines cellular and microwave transmission technologies at the scene of the event, the LGR-1000 receiver unit at the broadcast studio for IP transmission, and the Video Media Server for push to edge devices, such as smartphones and tablets


3G/4G Transmission Systems

New software for the 3G-S that will allow for the device to be used as a professional radio reporting device, know as the 3G-aS. For the existing market of mobile IP audio codec users (e.g. Comrex Access), we have developed the WMT Access point, a bonded modem that turns fixed IP ethernet interface into a wireless link. With the new 3G-aS software, MVP introduces a handheld system, focusing on live radio reports. With dedicated volume control and bonded 3G/4G connections, the 3G-aS will provide a radio reporter all the tools required to do live interviews on the fly.

3G-AudioS, WMT Audio Report, WMT Content Exchange Platform, SL-10 & WMT Access Point Package, 3G-S Mobile Communicator, SL-45 19″” WMT, WMT LTE++, WMT Playout, WMT Expert, WMT app iphone/Android, SL-25 Bonded IP connections, WMT Bold, WMT Agile, WMT Server


Mobile Viewpoint

The WMT Live app, utilizing the well know WMT technology, sends live video with 2 seconds delay directly to the WMT backend servers enabling iPhone 4 or 5 users to contribute to live newsgathering using 3G/4G and WiFi. Manage live and on demand content via state-of-the-art editorial management tools in the WMT video manager portal. IFB implementation allows real time communication from the backend platform with field reporter

3G-AudioS, WMT Audio Report, WMT Content Exchange Platform, SL-10 & WMT Access Point Package, 3G-S Mobile Communicator, SL-45 19″ WMT, WMT LTE++, WMT Playout, WMT Expert, WMT app iphone/Android, SL-25 Bonded IP connections, WMT Bold, WMT Agile, WMT Server