Vislink’s mission is to make worldwide live video production more immersive, immediate, and intelligent. Immersive, by delivering fully engaging experiences for viewers through unrivaled video quality. Immediately, by providing reliable, low-latency transmissions using the latest technologies. Intelligent, by leveraging automated and AI-driven systems that allow a wider range of content to be produced than ever before. Vislink’s vision is a world where people and communities are connected to information that informs, protects, and entertains them. Our place in this world is one where we foster those connections by building rich and positive experiences through the power of live video.

  • Wireless Camera Systems
  • Accessories
  • AI Video Production
  • Airborne Video Downlink Systems for MilGov and ENG
  • Fixed Radio Links/ATSC 3.0
  • Management and Control
  • MVP 4G/5G Bonded Cellular
  • Satcom
  • Software and Tools


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HDR-5000 Wide Area Network Receiver

V-Net is Vislink’s interoperable public safety video surveillance system combining airborne, maritime, fixed and covert surveillance technologies into a common platform for the collection, management, and distribution of mission critical video. Airborne operations represent a force-multiplier to the public safety community. The ability to view the tactical situation from the air minimizes response time and optimizes officer safety. Vislink’s V-Net products provide crystal clear images from your air support unit direct to command personnel. V-Net’s advanced technology allows aircraft to operate over a wide geographic area while ground based receiver sites are automatically selected to consistently deliver the best possible imagery.

ENG/OB Links

The L9274 SD/HD Portable Receive case is a completely self-contained diversity receive package for Vislink SD/HD MPEG-2/H.264 systems. The compact design is built into the Pelican 1430 case, in line with Links other portable systems. It features built-in video monitoring utilising a 7" 16:9 sunlight readable monitor and audio monitoring via a waterproof speaker. Monitor has a switchable on-screen graphics overlay showing receive parameters such as signal level, SNR, BER and RX Spectrum for each of the four inputs.

L9274 Portable Receive Case

Encoding and Decoding

The Vislink LYNX Receiver is the highest-performing, feature-rich SD/HD diversity receiver available for Central Receive Site (ENG/OB) and Wireless Camera System (WCS) applications. Utilizing Vislink's core technologies, the LYNX receiver combines leading-edge MaxRC digital signal processing, with highly configurable FPGA circuitry, providing an abundance of user selectable features, all in one streamlined half width 1 RU rack-mount chassis.

LYNX Multi-Format Receiver & Decoder

Fixed and Portable Point to Point Links

A portable digital microwave link capable of bit rates up to 90Mbit/s with exceptional RF performance, the MVL-HD2 is a “”two-box”” radio offering the convenience of Triax remoting. The receiver features comprehensive signal outputs including Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) at 1080i or 720p, and analogue composite CVBS video, ASI and both analogue and digital audio.

MVL-HD2 Digital Rx (DVB-S2), MVL-HD2 Digital Tx (DVB-S2), MVL-HD2 Digital Rx (DVB-T), MVL-HD2 Digital Tx (DVB-T), MTV-HD2 Digital Tx, MTV-HD3 Digital Rx

Airborne Systems

The L1600 is a compact rugged encoder/modulator, including a high quality ultra low delay MPEG-2 encoder with integral DVB-T or LMS-T modulator. The L1600 can also be upgraded for DVB-S/DVB-S2 operation for use with the L band output module in embedded DSNG applications. The L1600 is generally used in applications where front panel control is not practical. It is thus ideally suited to helicopter or embedded DSNG solutions.

L1600 Ultra Compact Encoder-Modulator

Unmanned Systems

The DXL5000 is a compact high performance, digital microwave system designed for STL, Intercity Relay, statewide networks, and other point to point applications. The all new digital platform takes advantage of recent developments in microprocessor control and microwave circuit technology to provide highly reliable long-term operation.

DXL5000, HDR-1000RX, HDR-2100RX, HDR-2300, HDR-3000, HDT-1000TX, HDX-1100TX, HTR-1100

IP and Workflow

The VISLINK Transport Stream Manager is a multi-function device processing Video and Data streams on ASI and Ethernet. The Transport Stream Manager can be configured to perform various functions many of which can function concurrently. Multiplexing using the Remux function can take up to four Transport Streams from ASI or over IP and multiplex them together to allow multiple channels/services to be sent over a single ASI connection.

LYNX Transport Stream Manager

Antennas – Fixed

Newswift 1.5/1.8

The NewSwift HD motorised antenna system is a highly compact, lightweight, integrated vehicle mountable satellite terminal designed for rapid deployment. Featuring a specially shaped offset fed antenna manufactured in carbon fibre, the NewSwift HD equipment housing (or Pod) is able to house redundant 750W TWTAs, Phase combined 400W TWTAs or redundant/phase combined 300W C Band or 125W Ku Band SSPAs

Newswift CF1.2, Newswift CF1.5, Newswift CF1.8, Newswift HD1.5, Newswift HD1.8, Newswift LT1.2 KU Band

Antennas – Fixed/Portable

FlyDrive AFD120

The AFD120 FlyDrive 1.2m antenna is a compact, lightweight, fully motorised, auto acquisition capable satellite terminal designed for rapid deployment. It can be used either as a traditional flyaway or as a semi-permanent vehicle mounted terminal that can be fitted to longitudinal roof bars or most other roof racks using standard fittings. The AFD120 antenna fits into just two IATA weight-compliant cases.

AFD120, AFD150