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FM 40T

Broadcast Electronics’ 40 kW high power transmitter sets the standards for audio quality, cost-efficiency,reliability, and long life. The FM 40T represents a new generation of high power tube transmitters and is backed by BE’s commitment to quality. The T Series FM transmitters represent just one of our many solutions to your radio needs.

FM 10T, FM 20T, FM 25T, FM 30T, FM 35T, FM40T

Broadcast ElectronicsStudio Automation

Datacasting – The Radio Experience

TRE Datacasting

Broadcast messages to radio receivers, billboards, the web, social networks and portable devices. BE’s message management system is similar to your music programming system — complete with day-parting and message categories — but with all the extras you’ll need to link text with audio, interleave associated messages, hook into data centers for traffic or weather, and more.


Broadcast ElectronicsTV / Radio Transmission

AM Radio Transmitters

A Series (500W to 10kW)

These solid-state powermizers are designed to save you money. They’re small and less expensive than most others, yet feature lower operating temperatures for extended transistor life and five user-programmable power outputs to handle any nighttime power requirement. Available in 500 W to 10 kW models, all HD Radio ready.

AM 500A, AM 1A, AM 3A, AM 6A, AM 10A

Broadcast ElectronicsTV / Radio Transmission

FM Radio Transmitters

STX LP Series (1kW to 5kW)

We changed everything about low-power FM transmission, especially the size and cost. Our newest transmitter line is scalable from 1 kW to 5 kW and packs in an exciter, backup controller, IP connectivity, HD Radio compatibility and a whole lot more in a 3RU (I kW) chassis. Prices start at under US$8,000. Now Available in 1 kW, 2 kW, 3 kW & 5 kW Models


Broadcast ElectronicsTV / Radio Transmission

FM Exciters

STXe Digital

Providing unparalleled audio performance, the new STXe exciter will continue BE’s dynamically engineered excellence. STXe exciters have a small footprint, are operational in FM, FM + HD Radio, HD Radio only, DRM+, or FM + DRM+ modes, and range in power from 5W to 500W. The STXe exciter is now standard in BE’s S and T Series FM transmitters.

STXe 60, VPe XG, STXe 500

Broadcast ElectronicsTV / Radio Transmission

STL Studio Transmitter Links


The STL 20C is our latest composite STL transmitter. This transmitter replaces the STL 15C. There are a number of changes that were made to make this the price-value leader in composite STL products. The STL 20C is synthesized, frequency agile and utilizes a new RF amplifier, as well as a cooling fan. More power, reliable, cooler and easier to tune – that’s the new STL 20C.

STL 20C, STL 20M