Advantech WirelessMicrowave

Transcend 1000 High Performance IP & TDM Microwave Radio

True Adaptive Coding and Modulation (True ACMTM)

Transcend™ 1000 automatically adjusts coding and modulation rates, without any payload error, to changing environmental conditions. This allows for sustained availability at overall higher capacity.

-High speed IP traffic – Gigabit Routing and Switching

Transcend™ 1000 includes a full featured built-in Layer 2 Gigabit Switch. High Speed IP traffic is scalable up to Gbps with very low latency.

-Flexible Installation Configuration

Transcend™ 1000 is available in split-mount and full-indoor configuration for lower frequency bands. Includes seamless scalability for nodal applications and easy RF channel expansion.

-Flexible synchronization solution with various sync options:

– incoming E1/DS1;

– according to ITU-T G 8262;

– on precision timing protocols – IEEE 1588-2008 or proprietary protocol based on low and consistent packet delay variation;

Advantech WirelessMicrowave

Transcend 900 – High Performance – Cost effective – All Outdoor Microwave Radio

Transcend™ 900 is a simple and versatile wireless point-to-point IP backhaul solution. This radio is available in selected licensed and unlicensed frequency bands between 6 GHz and 24 GHz (including the 5.8, 17 and 24 GHz unlicensed bands). The T-900 is designed to meet service providers’ stringent requirements for a high capacity, low cost of ownership carrier-grade backhaul solution.

Transcend™ 900 provides up to 900 Mbps Full Duplex throughput with low latency. The capacity and channel bandwidth are software adjustable between 3.5 and 112 MHz with hitless adaptive modulation from QPSK to 1024 QAM.

This product is future-proof, as user can provision the traffic capacity based on priority, or dynamically (adaptively), change it to provide the best throughput through the system. This can be according to CoS priorities, or QoS for VoIP traffic.

In addition, Advantech Wireless Transcend™ 900 has advanced Adaptive Coding and Modulation. Radio coding and modulation is dynamically and seamlessly adapted to the path propagation conditions. The end results are increased network availability with decreased antenna sizes. The ACM is perfectly suited for Ethernet IP backbones, where instantaneous capacity can be traded for sustained availability during fading conditions. The built-in traffic priority ensures safe delivery of information together with low latency and a minimum packet loss in transmission.

Advantech WirelessMicrowave

Transcend 800 Performance IP, TDM, and Broadcast Microwave Radio (T800)

Advanced Radio and Digital Signal Processing- Up to 380 Mbps over-the-air throughput for single IDU configurations and multiple Gbps over-the-air throughput for aggregated traffic.

True Adaptive Coding and Modulation (True ACMTM) – Transcend‰™ 800 automatically adjusts coding and modulation rates, without any payload error, to changing environmental conditions. This allows for sustained availability at overall higher capacity.

High speed IP traffic ‰- Gigabit Routing and Switching – Transcend‰™ 800 includes a full featured built-in Layer 2 Gigabit Switch and Layer 3 Gigabit router. High Speed IP traffic is scalable up to Gbps with low latency.

Broadcast capabilities built-in – Transcend‰™ 800 carries MPEG data carried directly from broadcast equipment through integrated DVB-ASI interfaces over the microwave link. The DVB-ASI interfaces support standard definition, high definition, and Digital 3D broadcast applications. With the built-in 10MHz clock, broadcast network can carry a high stability Stratum 2 clock to each site and avoid installing the costly GPS equipment.

Add and Drop feature for TDM traffic – Transcend‰™ 800 offers SDH/SONET and SPDH capabilities with powerful Add/Drop Multiplex solution for TDM traffic

Flexible Installation Configuration – Transcend‰™ 800 is available in split-mount version in all RF bands and in full-indoor configuration for lower RF bands

Advantech WirelessSatellite

2500-G Series 50W Ku-Band GaN (Gallium Nitride) based Airborne Grade SSPB/BUC

2500-G Series 50W Ku-Band GaN (Gallium Nitride) based Airborne Grade SSPB/BUC designed to meet stringent commercial airborne requirements and specifications. The new Airborne Grade Ku-Band GaN based SSPBs/BUCs provide high power density in a compact size and are suitable for use in the rapidly growing market for in-flight connectivity and satellite mobility services.

Advantech WirelessSatellite

Engage Class – Advanced 1.2m VSAT FlyAway Motorized Terminal

The New Engage Class Advantech Wireless High Performance, 1.2m Flyaway VSAT Terminal Solution includes the most advanced SATCOM technology available today.

The terminal is based on a high efficiency, ruggedized tri band ready 1.2 Meter Motorized Antenna, which can cover X-band, Ku-Band, or Ka-Band, by replacing the feed only. The antenna is fully motorized and has integrated satellite finding controller. The terminal has been built in a unique triple access mode satellite modem based on the new Adaptive Satellite Access Technology (A-SAT-IITM).

VR-7400, S-6620 & S-5620 VSAT Terminals, ManPack Terminal, N-4120 DVB-RCS VSAT Terminal, S-6740 A-SAT Mesh Terminal, GPS-100P NTP Server

Advantech WirelessSatellite

GaN-based High Power Amplifiers

The SSPBg-210C series is hub-mount up-converter transmitters, using GaN Technology, operating in the C-Band. The SSPBg-210C is an integrated unit, complete with power supply, phase-locked oscillator, mixer, filter and cooling mechanism. Intended for outdoor operation, the SSPBg-210C provides the utmost in convenience and efficiency. Other SSPBs are also available for higher powers or for operation at other up-link frequencies. The hub-mount SSPBg-210C is constructed in a compact cooling enclosure for outdoor operation. The units are weatherproof.

C-Band Indoor GaN, Ku-Band Indoor GaN, X-Band Indoor GaN, Outdoor GaN, C-Band Outdoor GaN, DBS-Band Outdoor GaN, Ku-Band Outdoor GaN, X-Band Outdoor GaN

Advantech WirelessRF DistributionSatellite

RF Frequency Converters

The HP range of frequency converters is particularly suited for use in VSAT, SCPC Networks, SNG, DVB-RCS and Hub systems were compact redundancy is required. This makes them an ideal choice for large earth stations requiring cost effective solutions for frequency conversion. The lightweight, rugged and compact design also ensures that the HP frequency converter provides the ideal solution for mobile truck or flyaway DSNG systems. 

C-Band Block Converters, Outdoor Block Converters (C, Ka, Ku, X-Band), Outdoor Synthesised Converters (S, L-Band)