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Newtec MDM5000 Satellite Modem

The Newtec MDM5000 Satellite Modem is capable of receiving forward carriers of up to 140 MHz, and processing over 200 Mbps of throughput. On the return channel, it supports SCPC, TDMA and Newtec’s unique Mx-DMA™, up to 75 Mbps.

MCX7000, MDM2200, MDM2500, MDM3300, MDM5000

Newtec MCX7000 Satellite Gateway

Compatible with the Newtec Dialog® multiservice broadcast platform, the Newtec MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway also features multistream, Newtec’s efficiency-boosting Clean Channel Technology® and Equalink® 3, a new linear and non-linear pre-distortion technology designed to compensate for the effects of distortions caused by the satellite’s filters and amplifiers. The additional throughput this provides equates to up to 15 percent more TV channels in a DTH carrier.

MDM2200, MDM2500, MDM3100, MDM3300, MDM6000, MDM6100, EL470, EL478

Newtec Dialog

The Newtec Dialog® platform is a scalable and flexible multiservice satellite communications platform that allows satellite service providers to build and adapt their network easily as their business grows.

Network Management System, SATlink Manager, File Exchange Manager

Redundancy Switches


1+1 Modulator Redundancy Switch, provides a versatile 1+1 protection scheme for satellite modulators. The AZ210 is easy to operate and switches simultaneously the input data signals and output IF/RF

AZ200, AZ201, AZ202, AZ203, AZ210, AZ210 1+1, AZ212 1+1, AZ270 1+1, AZ290 1+1



Next generation DVB-S2 and DVB-S modem specifically designed for broadcast applications. The modem supports the S2 Extensions to achieve barrier-breaking efficiency. As a modulator, it is the best fit for broadcast direct-to-home, primary distribution to head-ends and contribution of television.

MDM2200, MDM3100, MDM6000, MDM6100, AZ410, EL470, EL478, ZN461