ProTelevision Technologies, formerly Philips TV & Test Equipment, is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced future-proof modulation solutions for Digital TV and Radio standards (DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, DAB+, ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0) represented worldwide in more than 50 countries with over 30,000 installed units in daily operation. With over 50 years of experience, ProTelevision Technologies aspires to bring value to the global broadcasting industry and provides professional service and support for clients around the world.

Our company was a pioneer in developing professional modulators, demodulators and MIP inserters and we have maintained our world leading position over the years through our acquired expertise in digital information distribution. ProTelevision Technologies’ overall strategy is to remain an independent supplier of modulation solutions for both OEM customers and Network Operators/ Broadcasters. ProTelevision Technologies’ overall strategy is to remain an independent supplier of modulation solutions for both OEM customers and Network Operators/ Broadcasters.

Our design philosophy is based on a flexible and modular solution defined by software. This requires a solid in-house expertise for all of the modulator components. We believe that being the most focused organization will allow us to position our customers in advantageous positions, ensuring mutual success.

  • Digital Terrestrial Television TV Exciters
  • TV OEM Modulators
  • Other TV equipment
  • Digital Radio Broadcasting

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For many broadcasters, the Marti name is synonymous with STL and RPU gear. It all started in 1947, when George W. Marti obtained an FCC license to build radio station KCLE in Cleburne, Texas. His experiences operating the station led to an idea for a portable VHF transmitter capable of sending high-quality radio programming from a temporary remote location to a receiver located at the studio. Marti Electronics, Inc. was formally established in 1960 to manufacture RPUs. Additional products added to the Marti line over the decades include the microwave studio-to-transmitter links (STLs). In 1994, the company was sold to Broadcast Electronics to continue its tradition of quality manufacturing and support.

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Elenos is a world leader in manufacturing innovative, state-of-the-art FM transmitters. A global company with offices and support facilities in Europe,
North America and Asia, our transmitters are widely acclaimed for  clean, transparent audio, compact design, state of the art features, low energy consumption, and reliability. 

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COMMTIA Systems is a privately owned company, headquartered in La Garriga (Barcelona, Spain), continuing an industrial tradition of more than 60 years.
COMMTIA is a company specialized in RF technologies, focused on the design, manufacture and installation of electronic equipment and systems, that offers solutions adapted to the needs
of large operators of digital TV and Radio broadcasting sector, and to other markets where technologies related to Broadcasting are applicable, such as ATC, Time & Synchronization, or Industrial & Scientific, among others.

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With more than 40 years of experience in the sector of microwaves links, Elber is the ideal choice for the realization of wireless infrastructures for the transport of audio and video contents.

The foresight that countersigns the firm and the solidity of the products, are the key elements to extend the field of action towards military, defense, government and healthcare applications.

The numerous and highly qualified Engineering team represents a precious added value to when it comes to consultations, services and system integration.

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2wcom is your leading manufacturer, supplier, and system integrator of professional audio broadcast equipment for Audio over IP, Satellite, DAB+, and FM. Our Products and services are designed for 24/7 operation and include various features to ensure transmission robustness. Worldwide customers of 2wcom benefit from our long-time experience, competence, first-class customer service, and quality Made-in-Germany.

Broadcast Electronics

Broadcast Electronics, together with the Elenos Group, designs and manufactures a complete line of radio broadcast products, including transmitters for TV, AM, FM and HD Radio and program automation systems. One of the largest broadcast equipment manufacturers in the United States, BE is a global company that has influenced every major radio milestone since 1959.

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2wcom Receiver/Decoder

MPX-2ds – FM-MPX Satellite Receiver / Decoder
2-channel satellite receiver with MPX and audio outputs

IP-4c – Audio over IP Codec
Multi-format 4-channel Audio encoder/decoder

SAT-4da – DVB Audio Satellite Receiver
Multi-format 4-channel audio decoder

SAT-4d – DVB Audio Satellite Receiver
Multi-format 4-channel audio decoder

SIRC – Satellite In-Band Remote Control
Comfortable satellite in-band remote network device management

2wcom IP Codecs

IP-8cb – Audio over IP Codec
Up to 8 AES-3id digital stereo inputs and outputs

IP-8i – AES67 Audio Interface
Up to 8 digital or 4 analog stereo inputs

IP-4c – Audio over IP Codec
Multi-format 4-channel Audio encoder/decoder

IP-4d – Audio over IP Decoder
Multi-format 4-channel audio decoder

IP-8e – Audio over IP Encoder
Multi-format 8-channel audio encoder.

IP-8m – Audio over IP Codec
Phase-locked multichannel AoIP codec for surround sound

MPX-1c – FM-MPX over IP Codec
1-channel MPX Decoder

MPX-2c – FM-MPX over IP Codec
2-channel MPX Composite Decoder

2wcom Receiver/Converter

DAB-4s – EDI/ETI Satellite Receiver and Converter
High-density DAB distribution extractor

RF-10e – FM/DAB+ receiver
Professional 10-channel FM/DAB+ receiver

DAB-4c – EDI/ETI Converter and Switch
Multi-format EDI/ETI and ETI/EDI converter for up to 4 channels

A30 – FM/DAB Monitoring Receiver
All-in-one monitoring receiver for FM/RDS, MPX and DAB+

RF-10e – FM/DAB+ receiver
Professional 10-channel FM/DAB+ receiver

MPX-1g – FM-MPX Stereo/RDS Generator
1-channel MPX Composite Generator

MPX-1g RDS Edition – FM-RDS Encoder
1-channel dynamic RDS / RBDS Encoder

FM02 – FM rebroadcast receiver.
FlexMon FM02 Professional FM Monitoring Receiver

X-4sd – Audio and MPX switch/splitter
4-channel digital audio/MPX matrix

D110Lite – Clock Distribution Unit
External 1PPS and GPS-PPS distribution unit

HDR-CC – HD Radio® Capture Client
1-channel HD Radio® Encoder

Elber Products

Fixed point-to-point microwave radio links have always been the strongest asset of ELBER for high performance

The satellite TV equipment portfolio is the newborn from ELBER R&D department. Powerful, flexible and modular hardware and software solutions for satellite applications

Elber manufatures special high-tech products in the vast fields of audio and digital signal processing devices as well as data

Thanks to the modularity, the same rack has many possibilities and the operators use it as a satellite modulator or IRD (Integrated Receiver-Decoder), as change-over or ASI distributor

A complete series of equipment and devices for the broadcast monitoring systems and broadcast media monitoring service

RDS Solutions

FlexMon FM01 RDS TMC/RT+ Decoder

With the 2wcom FlexMon FM01 broadcasters are now able to monitor their transmitted RDS data effectively around the clock. The FlexMon enables the monitoring of all RDS data (TMC, RT+, RT, PI, PS, CT, TA, TP). The operator also has the option to choose individual RDS group data. In case of failure of certain RDS groups an alarm will be generated via SNMP or relay. The FlexMon is particularly suited for operators with main focus to monitor TMC data

C02 RDS Encoder, C04 RDS Encoder, C02/C04 RDS Encoder + Radix RDS software, A20 FM/RDS Monitoring Decoder, A20T FM/RDS Monitoring Decoder, FlexMon FM01 RDS TMC/RT+ Decoder, FlexMon FM01 RDS Databridge, RDS Switch, RDS Lab Decoding Software, RDS Logger,RDS Encoder Alive-Check, RDS OCTO IP Server/Router, ARCOS Network RDS Database Software

FM Solutions

A20 FM Monitoring Decoder

The A20 FM Monitoring Decoder enables you to monitor either your own frequency continuously and/or to be informed about your neighbourhood station as well. The A20 offers economic quality control for radio stations. The included PC software A20Lab allows you to monitor all parameters and measurement values your A20 is able to receive. Together with the included RDS decoding software RDS Lab it is possible to monitor RDS extensively.

A20 FM Monitoring Decoder, A20T FM Monitoring Decoder, S02 FM Stereo Generator, Modulation control ALA, FlexMon FM01 FM Demodulator, FMC01 – FM MPX Codec (MPX over E1/IP), ALA-MPX – Automatic modulation control for FM-TX

DAB+ Distribution

FlexNsert+ DAB+ Distribution Inserter

The 2wcom FlexNsert+ DAB+ Distribution Inserter receives a DAB ETI data stream (according to EN 300799) or a DAB EDI data stream (according to TS 102 693). The FlexNsert+ DAB+ converts the data stream into a standard MPEG2-TS-signal and outputs it via its transport stream interfaces. Additionally the FlexNsert+ may act as timestamp Inserter for SFN Networks. The generation of timestamps within the MPEG-stream is basis for a synchronized transmission at transmitter sites.

FlexNsert+ DAB+ Distribution Inserter, FlexXtract+ DAB+ Distribution Extractor