Mobile Viewpoint and United enable new production workflow for RTL

Ultimate flexibility for ENG crews with United Connected Camera

Content that is edited in post-production while the ENG team is still shooting. It sounds like the future, but it is not. As the first company in the world, United, in partnership with Mobile Viewpoint, developed a device and workflow that allows customers to get maximum efficiency in terms of cost, quality and workflow: Connected Camera.

Connected Camera is based on an existing product of Mobile Viewpoint. “Together, we have designed a new workflow and technology,” says Jeroen van Rossum, Manager Business Development & Innovation at United. “Then we have developed software that can transform content into a format that as soon as it arrives in Postproduction, is ready for editing.”

With Connected Camera, which is a box that attaches to the camera, the image is automatically pushed towards the postproduction platform. Right after the camera starts rolling, the content arrives in low resolution in the post productions facilities of United in Hilversum. The edit can start immediately while the crew is still filming on location. After the edit, the relevant high-resolution content is automatically retrieved from the camera which is still on location. The low-res images on the editing timeline are then automatically replaced by the high-resolution images. Content arrives over the internet: 3G/4G, Wifi or LAN, or all of them combined for even faster turnaround.

Worldwide unique

“It is absolutely unique that images can be edited remotely right after the shooting has started,” explains Joop Donker, ENG manager at United: “With this application, we meet deadlines which were impossible before. Crews can be shooting while others are editing that footage right away at the other end of the world. The image in low resolution is so good that it is suitable for internet publication. With breaking news, it is also possible to broadcast live directly in a news show. Worldwide is United the first company that offers the Connected Camera solution and we are naturally very proud. ” RTL Boulevard is the first program that has taken the Connected Camera unit in production. Maarten Baartstra, Production Director at Blue Circle, calls the Connected Camera device the solution they were waiting for. “Our ENG crews can now run much closer to the broadcast. This application gives us ultimate flexibility. “