YMSA Renews Television in Manila

RYMSA has played its part in the recent renovation of the Solar entertainment equipment in the Antipolo Broadcasting Centre in the city of Manila.

The existing system has been renovated with twenty-four UHF panels so as to improve indoor reception of the almost twelve million viewers who live in the metropolitan area of the capital.

It has been possible to make this improvement in a simple way thanks to the fact that the RYMSA elliptical polarisation panels have a single corrector, so that it has been possible to maintain the existing distribution system and only the UHF panels have been updated.

To allow for the two new ISDB-T 7.5 kW transmitters, two combiner modules, made up of the new RYMSA digital UHF filters, have been supplied. These new modules, together with the existing waveguide system, combine the new digital transmitters with the existing analogue channels of 30 and 60 kW.