Vislink Technologies Takes Home Best of Show Award at NAB 2019

NAB 2019 was a landmark event for Vislink Technologies. Receiving an award for our 4K technology, new product and partnership announcements and a great suite of our solutions on display meant a busy show for our team, and the most booth traffic we’ve seen in years. Read on to find out more.







Product Award: Our HCAM 4K UHD + ULRX-LD Wireless Camera Solution took home Best of Show honors from TVTechnology for innovation, feature set, and performance. This was impressive recognition for the only proven sub-single frame latency 4K UHD system available in the wireless camera industry today. HCAM has been recently been updated; supporting both 4K UHD & Multi-HD HEVC, it delivers even greater reception, robustness and range over the competition.

We also showcased other key products from our wireless camera systems range, including the L1700MicroLite2 and IMTDragonFly.


New Product Introductions: We announced two new solutions that extended our partnerships with leading camera manufacturers. Our INCAM-HS wireless camera transmitter, which is built into SONY’s HDC-5500 4K multi-format live camera system, provides full HEVC 4K UHD broadcast-quality encoding as well as 1080p, 1080i and 720p resolutions (read the press release here).

We also extended our partnership with Grass Valley into the 4K space with an all-in-one broadcast solution. Grass Valley’s LDX 86N 4K-RF Camera will incorporate our INCAM-HG wireless camera transmitter (read the press release here).




AeroShot EX250/EX300: There was a lot of interest in the AeroShot family of integrated gyro-stabilized wireless gimbals. This all-in-one solution features a gyro-stabilized camera, lens and HD quality RF link— all hermetically sealed for quick setup and “turn on and go” in any environment. These are available for rental through Vislink now. You can read the press release about our engagement with Aeroshot here.

AirPro 75Ka: AirPro is a small (.75m), low-cost, single-button deployment IP satellite data terminal for use with Eutelsat’s Tooway™ service. It can be roof-mounted on a small SUV and is easily installed in 15 minutes. It works alongside the updated DVE6100 encoder and IRD6200 decoder to deliver greater transmission efficiency. It features:  one-piece Eutelsat approved reflector, support for standard TRIA & new E-TRIA, one-click auto-acquisition technology, and Viasat™ service agreements (final approval pending). Ideal for disaster recovery and other quick-deploy operations.




Onboards: For shear visual interest, the superbike we had on display (graciously provided by MotoAmerica and Wayne Rainey) was a real eye-catcher. It gave attendees a look into the exciting world of onboard transmission systems, where Vislink has been a prominent supplier to racing series like MotoGP and other high-speed motorsports for many years.



Interview Series: Our in-booth interview series was a big hit. We had a number of lively discussions with users of our technology, product specialists and media checking in on the latest Vislink technologies news. Look for these on our YouTube page soon. We also welcomed resellers to a session discussing our technology, products and our new dealer program.



Presentation: As a long-time technology thought leader in our industry, we were honored that NAB invited us to present a paper (in collaboration with Grass Valley and NEP) titled “High-Speed Content Capture for Maximum Slow-Motion Impact – Set Free from Cables,” which describes the impact of balancing spatial and temporal clarity alongside the rollout of high dynamic range (HDR) while also considering the limitations of data bandwidth. You can read the paper we presented here.

NAB 2019 also represented the first public display of our worldwide corporate rebranding under the Vislink Technologies name, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. We’re excited to be able to leverage our impressive heritage and vision under a single brand entity. You can read our rebranding announcement at this link.

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth during the show. We enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you and discuss our exciting solutions. It was great seeing existing clients and making new contacts whom we look forward to turning into satisfied customers in the near future.