Vislink Air-to-Anywhere Systems Provide Real-time Situational Awareness to Public Safety Organizations

 HACKETTSTOWN, NJ, JUNE 3, 2019 —Vislink Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has received orders valued at approximately $650,000 for HD (high-definition) airborne video downlink system (“AVDS”) equipment and related services from law enforcement agencies located in California and Minnesota.

The Vislink AVDS is a fully integrated solution that includes a suite of downlink transmitters, receivers and antennas that capture real-time, seamless high-definition video from helicopters and other aircraft.

Vislink’s Air-to-AnywhereTM design allows the collected video to be distributed, viewed and managed across wide areas to all deployed assets (including mobile command units, emergency operations centers and handheld receivers) over secure IP networks, and can be streamed over cellular and WiFi networks for remote viewing on smartphones and tablets. 

“We are thankful to our law enforcement clients for these latest orders,” said John Payne, President and COO of Vislink Technologies. “Our AVDS solutions remain the systems of choice when immediate, clear and reliable imagery of what is being viewed from aerial assets needs to be accessible to ground-based personnel. High video quality, extensive ranges and interoperability are hallmarks of our systems and can help provide actionable intelligence to law enforcement in critical situations and demanding environments.”