Vislink Showcases MicroLite 3 for Film Industry Professionals at Cine Gear Expo Atlanta 2019

Vislink is showcasing the all-new MicroLite 3 at Cine Gear Expo Atlanta 2019 October 4-5 at legendary Pinewood Studios. The MicroLite 3 features ultra-low delay, long range and a compact form factor, making it ideal for film assist, steadicam, and live sports and entertainment applications. Vislink will be a featured participant in the booth of our valued partner NEBTEK, located in Stage A, S110. The venue location map can be viewed at this link.  NEBTEK is the foremost authority on video assist and has over 30 years of video engineering experience and HD wireless systems.

Cine Gear Expo is the premier event for professionals engaged in the technology, entertainment and media industry and an excellent opportunity for this community to discover Vislink’s market-leading solutions.