Vislink Launches IP Link 3.0

New ATSC 3.0 Advanced Studio Transmitter Link System Enables Immersive Viewing Experiences with Higher Audio and Video Quality, Accessibility, Personalization and Interactivity

Provisions Broadcast Sector Path with Ability to Access New Business Models and Revenue Streams Amid Global Pandemic

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ — January 7, 2021 – Vislink (“the Company”) (Nasdaq: VISL), the global technology leader in collection, delivery and management of high quality, live video and associated data, announced today the launch of its IP Link 3.0, a new ATSC 3.0 advanced Studio-Transmitter Link system that can enable broadcasting service platforms to access new avenues for monetization.

“The ATSC 3.0 advanced visual standard allows audiences to enjoy a media-rich TV broadcast system with game-changing video and audio quality improvements, as well as a pathway for exciting features like interactivity and participation, which gives children the ability to enjoy interactive games and adventures along with their favorite shows,” said Sean Van, Product Manager, Live Production, Vislink. “Vislink is enabling broadcasters to transition to the new ATSC 3.0 standard with our new IP Link 3.0 RF transmission system. The IP Link 3.0 allows broadcasters to easily upgrade to ATSC 3.0 and carry the higher quality IP video data out from the studio to transmitter sites over RF links.”

Vislink’s IP data over RF system provides a low-cost infrastructure deployment that delivers data access to often remote or hard-to-access transmitter locations. The IP Link 3.0’s use of high order modulations and strong FEC, ensures stations can be confident of a robust RF link that requires minimal bandwidth allocations. With the Vislink IP Link 3.0 providing a low-cost infrastructure deployment, broadcast stations can focus on launching ATSC 3.0’s key features such as 4K UHD/HDR and immersive audio, as well as seeking new revenue streams through interactive services.”

Vislink’s IP Link 3.0 coupled with ATSC 3.0 offers a variety of innovative benefits and solutions to meet the unique needs of today’s users. For instance, a public safety feature allows for the delivery of public alerts and mission-critical video and images to local and regional first responders during emergencies. Additionally, a key benefit for remote education during the pandemic is the ability to deliver customized and targeted learning programs to rural and remote areas without access to the internet.

“It has been a transformative year for the broadcast community to say the least. Viewers are demanding more immersive and engaging broadcast experiences while the industry has accelerated innovation in seeking greater efficiencies in ways never seen before,” said Mickey Miller, CEO, Vislink. “Vislink designed the IP Link 3.0 to contribute to this transformation by enabling both the immersive and interactive experience for viewers, as well as the opportunities for more efficient business models and monetization methods for broadcasters.”