Vislink and ND SatCom Announce Co-Operation

Vislink has announced it has entered into a co-operation with ND SatCom the satellite communication solutions supplier. The agreement gives the companies access to each other’s product portfolios, and the ability to offer suitable products to customers in their respective broadcast and surveillance markets.

 Initially, the co-operation will see ND SatCom’s SKYWAN 5G modem made available as part of Vislink’s range of SATCOM equipment. The SKYWAN 5G is an MF-TDMA modem with an integrated DVB-S2 receiver, capable of achieving significant data rates. Designed as an all-in-one device with high network redundancy and a wide range of IP support, the SKYWAN 5G is optimally suited for use in Vislink’s highly portable MSAT range.

 The MSAT is the world’s smallest and lightest satellite data terminal, intended for use in the broadcast and military sectors. Highly durable and weighing only 12.5 kg, the MSAT is designed for one-man operation in challenging environments or rough terrain, where a full satellite system cannot be deployed but where there is a need for high bandwidth connectivity.

“This co-operation will let Vislink offer the SKYWAN 5G modem and functionality across the company’s full range of broadcast and surveillance solutions,” said Ashley Dove, Solutions Engineering Director at Vislink. “This agreement has also opened the door to further joint development down the line, and for Vislink’s technology to be integrated into a wider range of SATCOM equipment overall.”

 “The SKYWAN 5G is built to enable new business opportunities. Now Vislink will be able to optimally support critical applications for broadcasting and surveillance,” said Petra Visuri, Head of Product Management and Marketing at ND SatCom. “Furthermore this co-operation brings ND SatCom and SKYWAN 5G new market leverage.”

The first Vislink units utilising integrated SKYWAN 5G technology will be ready for shipment in Q4 2014, with other products expected to be available to customers in due course. In time, the agreement will also see Vislink’s equipment made available for use in ND SatCom’s solutions as well.