V-Nova broadens ecosystem for next-generation PERSEUS Plus Codec

London, UK – 3rd April 2018 – V-Nova Ltd, a leading provider of video compression solutions, today announced that it has expanded its PERSEUS Plus ecosystem to further enhance the ease and speed with which operators of all kinds can deliver a step-change in video quality to their viewers. V-Nova’s portfolio will be shown on booth SU13310 at NAB Show 2018 (April 7-12, Las Vegas, NV).

Demonstrations at the show will include:

  • PERSEUS Plus: for content distribution to the consumer, such as mobile streaming or live sports broadcasting, PERSEUS Plus works with industry-standard formats like HLS and MPEG-DASH to deliver the best picture quality across any platform, even at low bandwidths. Already supported natively by existing hardware without the need for plug-ins or OS support, PERSEUS Plus provides ground-break efficiency without increasing power consumption on devices. To broaden the workflow flexibility of PERSEUS Plus, V-Nova has also added support for additional open source components, including ExoPlayer for Android, FFMPEG, MFT for Windows environments, Shaka for browsers, and VLCkit for iOS.
  • P.Link: for professional video contribution, production and imaging workflows, P.Link is redefining contribution and production with studio-quality video at bitrates unimaginable with other solutions in the market. It is powered by PERSEUS Pro, an intra-only codec for lossless or visually lossless performance and the only codec built on hierarchy, massive parallelism and machine learning.

Illustrating PERSEUS Plus’ broad device support, V-Nova is inviting visitors to its booth to test the performance of PERSEUS Plus by viewing PERSEUS Plus encoded content on their personal devices. The V-Nova booth will also feature demonstrations from some of the company’s growing partner network, which includes amongst others Imagine Communications, VisualOn, MainStreaming, THEOPlayer, WyPlay and Tata Elxsi. These partnerships ensure PERSEUS Plus can be easily deployed in existing workflows.

“Our unique PERSEUS Plus compression technology has already been proven to deliver the best next-generation performance for distribution to all devices on existing hardware, but since last NAB we’ve also made huge strides in ecosystem support with partners and open source components. That makes it easier than ever for operators of all kinds to realize the huge business benefits that higher quality at lower bitrates provides with better viewer retention and increased reach.

PERSEUS Plus delivers superior results than HEVC and AV1, and because it leverages existing hardware, reliably and without increasing power consumption, there is no reason to wait years for devices to catch-up.

At NAB, we will show visitors the quality of service achievable with and without PERSEUS Plus and I invite all visitors to come and see it for themselves,” said Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder at V-Nova.

PERSEUS™ is an award-winning, unique and comprehensive family of video compression technologies enabling better quality and efficiency for all major video delivery workflows. Designed from the ground up, the solution allows for better compression and reduced processing power. The unique technology delivers far broader device support than AV1 or HEVC by leveraging existing hardware and without increasing power consumption in devices.