TV Pro Gear Delivers The Future Of ENG Vehicles Vislink Microwave Equipment Included In Unique Vehicle Design

It looked like something straight out of a science fiction movie – a brand new, first-of-its-kind ENG news vehicle recently made an appearance at GISL-TV4 in Trinidad. TV Pro Gear designed and built the vehicle as part one of a phased approach to upgrading GISL’s entire station to HD.

Vehicles over 33′ feet are forbidden in Trinidad due to the tight winding roads. System integration company TV Pro Gear had to find a way to get the functionality of 40′ truck in a 33′ vehicle without sacrificing ergonomics and operator comfort.

President of TV Pro Gear, Andrew Maisner stated, “In the past, video recorders, routers and signal distribution gear required a large amount of equipment rack space. As technology has been progressing, the equipment has gotten smaller, less power hungry and less noisy. This allowed us to eliminate the machine room by putting all of the equipment in and under the production consoles. As a result, despite the reduced size of the vehicle, the main control room is still quite spacious.”

GISL-TV4 will be using the truck to capture video from live broadcast sports, concerts and political events. Viewers will be able to enjoy HD quality broadcast images in real-time, thanks to Vislink’s microwave transmitter atop the mast, and two repeaters strategically placed on area mountaintops.

“Vislink’s sales and engineering staff were incredibly helpful in planning out the microwave transmission portion of this project. Their support ensured that the microwave system would be second to none.”


TV Pro Gear,

Andrew Maisner

“It is exciting to support GISL-TV4 in their transition to HD. We were pleased to collaborate with TV Pro Gear to design and deliver a dynamic and flexible microwave transmission solution for this project.”

Andrew Larsen,

Director of Sales – Latin America & Mexico,