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TRYO, a SENER group company, has signed a contract with the European Space Agency as part of the Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI), a program through which the ESA offers financing and support for bringing disruptive technologies into the space sector by combining the creativity, know-how and experience of academia, research centers and the space industry, the ultimate goal being to enhance the competitiveness of the sector’s industry in Europe.

The work will take place in concert with PROSIX Composite Engineering, a company based in San Sebastián that specializes in manufacturing engineering for composite materials.

The main goal of the activity will be to validate the use of low-mass horn antennas in space applications, which will allow us to offer our clients, the world’s leading satellites manufacturers, large antennas with a mass that is very low compared to antennas manufactured using traditional technologies. This can be very useful when trying to establish low-band communications.

The program will be carried out under a program of, and funded by, the European Space Agency. The view expressed in this publication can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Space Agency