The HI-Prest project begins to develop a high-precision scanner for space telescopes in the Basque Country

10/28/2020 (Spain)
The HI-Prest project begins to develop a high-precision scanner for space telescopes in the Basque CountryA consortium of six Basque companies, led by SENER Aeroespacial and made up of the companies EGILE Mechanics, FAGOR Automation, IBARMIA Innovatek, KORTA and ULMA Embedded Solutions, is working together on a project to develop a high-performance scanner, with application in telescopes, cameras and other optical instruments. It is “HI-PREST, Technologies for high reliability and submicron precision mechanisms in critical applications and environments”, funded by the Basque Government through the HAZITEK 2020 program.

The scanning or scanning mechanisms are a critical key element in telescopes mounted on space satellites, as they are decisive in providing stability to the pointing maneuvers of the telescope cameras. Therefore, they guarantee the taking of high resolution images by scanning, by eliminating the rotational movement of the satellite itself (spinning), with submicron precision and in a critical environment such as outer space.

SENER Aeroespacial has a successful development embarked on Meteosat Third Generation (MTG), which at the time was developed with international suppliers. The MTG scanner developed by SENER Aeroespacial allows the satellite to take a photograph with an accuracy of meters from a distance of 36,000 km away.

The main objective of the HI-PREST project is to achieve a high precision scanner demonstrator from a consortium of companies in the Basque Country, which will give rise to a competitive and innovative product capable of being offered in space programs of the European Space Agency (ESA) or the American space agency (NASA). In this way, it will be possible to train the entire manufacturing value chain of this type of components, in order to turn the consortium partners into reference suppliers in the conception, development and manufacture of mechanisms of submicron precision and high stability. in critical applications and environments.

Within the consortium, SENER Aerospace coordinates the complete scanner, EGILE Mechanics carries out the gearboxes, FAGOR Automation, together with ULMA Embedded Solutions, the high-precision encoders and position control algorithms, and KORTA the low-noise bearings. For its part, IBARMIA Innovatek will use the technologies developed in machine tool applications, advancing in new manufacturing processes. In this sense, among the objectives of the consortium, in addition to achieving the development of robust and fault-tolerant submicron precision mechanisms, is research into new materials and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Together with the companies involved as partners in the project, HI-PREST involves the technology centers TECNALIA Research & Innovation, the University of the Basque Country (UPV), Mondragón Goi Eskola Politeknikoa (MGEP), FAGOR AOTEK and Egile Innovative Solutions.