Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency protects national emergency Communications with 2wcom

MSB, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency has purchased 2wcom’s FlexMon FM02 receivers as part of its national infrastructure for Public Early Warning messages in case of disaster.

 The FM and RDS measurement and monitoring functionality of the FlexMon FM02 was enhanced for this project with the ability to monitor early warning messages and switch to the national EWR channel.

 “For an application such as this, which is concerned with national response to emergencies, the technology we choose must be exceptionally reliable and adaptable to our very specific requirements,” said Lars Olsson, MSB, Senior Service Manager. “We are impressed with the quality assurance at 2wcom and the versatility of the FM02 units, which allows us to implement our project goals precisely.”

 The highly versatile FM02 can be used in a variety of ways to meet a range of broadcasting scenarios. A very high-quality FM tuner is key to the FM02’s specification, providing it with substantially better FM performance than is typical in competing demodulator products.

 Robust performance is provided by the unit’s ability to loop through the signal even during a power failure. For MSB, the switching functionality was extended to allow switching from the passive loop through to the emergency channel when a trigger is received via RDS. Extending the versatility of the unit still further, the FM02 can be used as part of a monitoring solution for both FM and RDS parameters.

 Offering easy remote control via IP and SNMP, the FM02 also supports remote audio quality monitoring through its built-in mp3 streaming capability.