ST Engineering iDirect’s Game-Changing Mx-DMA MRC Technology Positions AXESS Networks for Cellular Backhaul Network Expansion across Latin America

Mx-DMA MRC Technology

The breakthrough waveform enables AXESS to deliver exceptional agility and performance to MNOs, allowing greater versatility and scale for its clients across Colombia, Peru, Mexico and other regions of the continent 

Herndon, Va., October 4, 2022 – ST Engineering iDirect, a global leader in satellite communications, has delivered its Mx-DMA® MRC technology to global service provider AXESS Networks, enabling the company to further augment its cellular backhaul networks whilst achieving greater efficiencies. The implementation, across Colombia, Peru and Mexico, has been completed at a time when demand for mobile connectivity continues to increase across the region where it serves businesses, organizations and individuals with essential communications.

A longstanding customer of ST Engineering iDirect, AXESS has deployed both the Evolution® and Dialog® platforms which provide VSAT and 4G services to the Americas and EMEA regions. As a company that strives to remain at the leading edge of technological advancements, AXESS has adopted the revolutionary Mx-DMA MRC waveform after utilizing ST Engineering iDirect’s Mx-DMA return technology that incorporates the best features of MF-TDMA and single channel per carrier (SCPC).

Mx-DMA MRC TechnologyThe initial rollout took place in Colombia, where AXESS migrated its first four MNO networks to Mx-DMA MRC. The company now plans to expand its solutions to operate corporate and cellular backhaul networks in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile, all utilizing Mx-DMA MRC bringing the total to seven high-capacity networks on the return technology and more than 2 Gbps.

“The migration to the Mx-DMA MRC technology was important because, in addition to being a technical challenge for the entire organization, it allowed us to improve our scale and the versatility of our network design, reaching backhaul markets where we did not have a presence before, such as Chile,” said Germán Pérez, Director of Product and Business Development at AXESS. “This technology adds the power of Mx-DMA and the versatility of TDMA with the benefit of scale in hardware, eliminating the limitation from a couple of dozen remotes to over a thousand SCPC links at over a thousand per box and all handled using one single piece of hardware.”

Mx-DMA MRC is a patented multi-access waveform that incorporates the scalability of MF-TDMA with the efficiency of SCPC into a single return technology for unprecedented service agility. It enables service providers to cover a myriad of use cases in a single return link without making tradeoffs between speed, efficiency and scale, lowering their total cost of ownership.

“Since deploying MRC, we have noted that our cellular backhaul solutions achieve high efficiency, operating more than 3 bits/Hz in download in both forward and return, with the most powerful return link for organizations that seek to find greater bandwidth for their clients using small terminals,” continues Pérez. “We use the benefits of acceleration for mobile solutions or GTP that operates very powerfully over MRC. The net result is an end user experience that rivals that of terrestrial connectivity.”

“The impact that Mx-DMA MRC has had on AXESS’ cellular backhaul network is absolutely tangible and is reflected in the end user experience,” said Darren Ludington, Regional Vice President, Americas, ST Engineering iDirect. “We look forward to seeing AXESS’ continued success, and to supporting them with the most powerful technology available today and in the future.”