ST Engineering iDirect Streamlines Site Installation Process for Intelsat FlexEnterprise Customers

Intelsat FlexEnterprise

Satmotion significantly reduces installation time and resources, providing greater flexibility for enterprise service providers

Herndon, Va., June 28, 2022 – ST Engineering iDirect, a global leader in satellite communications, has enabled a simplified site installation solution for Intelsat’s FlexEnterprise platform, reducing the amount of coordination required to quickly activate new sites. The Satmotion solution, developed by Integrasys, is now integrated into iDirect’s Velocity platform which underpins the global FlexEnterprise service fabric to enable even faster deployment of connectivity services for enterprise locations practically anywhere in the world.

This software-based solution eliminates the requirement for a separate communications channel and coordination between a central operations center and remote sites, making it faster and more cost-effective to deploy services. The capability will accelerate time-to-market for service providers and reduce time-to-deploy for individual sites, a critical need when establishing services to new areas.

How it Works

The new feature allows remote-site installers to accurately point antennas and autonomously enable service. Upon detection of ST Engineering iDirect’s persistent multicast signal, installers are guided through the equipment commissioning process without the need for coordination with the Intelsat Network Operations Center (NOC), saving significant time and resources while bringing needed flexibility to the process of delivering service to new locations.

“This is a proven solution that significantly simplifies the deployment of VSAT systems like FlexEnterprise,” said Tim Winter, Vice President Global Accounts at ST Engineering iDirect. “By removing the need for real-time coordination between the remote installer and NOC personnel to line up the antenna, the number of labor hours are reduced, which can be a significant portion of the overall cost to get sites up and running. The rapid roll-out and subsequent cost savings equal a faster Return on Investment for service providers, accelerating time-to-market and increased revenue.”

“The FlexEnterprise solution is already deployed by service providers to extend resilient internet, private network, and cloud connectivity to enterprise locations around the globe, and a key benefit of the service is the ability to bring sites up quickly,” explained Gerry Collins, Director Network Product Management, Intelsat. “Satmotion is an important addition to the FlexEnterprise platform, enabling our expanding base of customers to streamline service delivery and making it easier to deploy services to support more enterprise use cases.”

‘’Working with ST Engineering iDirect and Intelsat has introduced us to a new set of market requirements, and we are pleased to have been able to adapt to serve these needs with our technology”, said Alvaro Sanchez, CEO at Integrasys. “It has been a great pleasure to work with such leaders in their respective markets.’’