SENER Aeroespacial completes the validation of the SIROM robotic interface for the EROSS H2020 project

01/21/2021 (International)

SENER Aeroespacial has carried out preliminary validation tests of the five SIROM units (Standard Interface for RObotic Manipulation) that will be used in the framework of the European project EROSS (European Robotic Orbital Support Services), under grant agreement No. 821904. Thanks to With this new achievement, a total of 13 SIROM interfaces have been manufactured and tested since the start in 2016 of the OG5-SIROM project, assigned to grant agreement No. 730035.

SIROM is a robotic interface developed by SENER Aerospace that can be used for in-orbit and planetary applications, allowing the interconnection of payloads with space vehicles, payloads with handling devices, and payloads with payloads. The technology developed is an integrated electromechanical system that combines four solutions in a single enclosure: mechanical, data, electrical and thermal connectivity. As a key element, the SIROM provides a reliable and standard solution for robotic operations, similar to a “space USB”.

Through H2020 with PERASPERA (the activity to support programs within the H2020 Space framework “COMPET-4-2014: robotic technologies for space use”), the European Commission has defined the main objective of delivering, within the 2023/2027 period, essential enabling technologies and testing autonomous robotic systems for orbiting satellite service and planetary exploration. The OG5-SIROM project started in 2016, within the framework of PERASPERA, and ended in 2019 with a satisfactory in-orbit service demonstration scenario at Airbus DS (Bremen) and DLR (German Aerospace Center) consisting of several SIROM units, two payload modules and a robotic handling device.

Now, within the framework of EROSS H2020 (PERASPERA framework), SENER Aeroespacial has developed SIROM 2.0 with the incorporation of various optimizations and design updates. The EROSS consortium is made up of Thales Alenia Space (project coordinator), SENER Aeroespacial, GMV, NTUA (National Technical University of Athens), PIAP Space, SINTEF, SODERN and Space Applications. The objective is to demonstrate European solutions for the Servicers and Serviced LEO / GEO satellites, enabling a wide range of efficient and secure orbital support services.

The most important change in SIROM 2.0 is the improvement of the electronic components of the experimental circuit with flight-proof electronic components inside the mechanical enclosure, greatly reducing and simplifying the external interfaces. In addition, due to new requirements, the fluid interface has been removed and the electrical and data connectors have been replaced by simpler ones that offer a great advantage in terms of design, volume and connection forces.

Las pruebas preliminares de validación de las cinco unidades SIROM para EROSS consistieron en la verificación del subensamblaje mecánico, los módulos electrónicos de control y potencia. Además, los mecanismos totalmente integrados se han sometido a pruebas funcionales en configuraciones independientes, así como en interacción con otras interfaces SIROM para verificar el correcto funcionamiento de los enlaces de comunicación de datos y eléctricos. Finalmente, en las instalaciones de SENER Aeroespacial se ha realizado una prueba representativa de intercambio de cargas útiles entre satélites con el uso de un robot UR10 y la realización de diversas maniobras.

In March-April 2021, the final EROSS test at GMV will bring together the previous results of the Strategic Research Group (SRC) PERASPERA (ESROCOS, ERGO, InFUSE, I3DS and SIROM), coupling interfaces such as a multipurpose gripper for capture, ASSIST for docking and refueling, and specific Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) algorithms and architecture to enable the establishment of communication and robotic operations.

In addition, SENER Aeroespacial has developed a SIROM 2.0 Qualification Model (QM) that will be tested in early 2021 to increase the current technology level from TRL 4 (Technology Readiness Level) to TRL 6.

SENER Aeroespacial also collaborates with SIROM in other projects such as MIRROR (multi-arm installation robot for the preparation of ORUS – Orbital Replacement Unit – and reflectors, led by GMV), PERIOD (grant agreement No. 101004151, led by Airbus DS) or «Prototyping of Spacecraft Refueling »(ESA contract no. 1520089425, managed by Thales Alenia Space