Test campaign used Newtec’s MDM6000 series and transmitted more than 500Mbps over 120MHz on Ka-Band.

 NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LA PAZ, Bolivia, and SINT-NIKLAAS, Belgium, 17 June 2015. Latin American satellite operator Agencia Boliviana Espacial (ABE, Bolivian Space Agency) and Newtec, a specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications, today announced the successful completion of a trial campaign – which transmitted more than 500Mbps over 120MHz on Ka-band.

 The Ka-band tests demonstrated three main use-case scenarios, showing the versatility of Newtec’s MDM6000 series, which as well as being capable to transmit up to 425Mbps bi-directionally, can also operate at much lower rates as required for multicarrier applications. The modems also support different standards, including DVB-S2X, and feature Newtec’s Clean Channel Technology®.

 Major results include transmitting 2Mbps over 1MHz bandwidth from the remote to the hub station in Amachuma (located in the La Paz department on the western side of Bolivia at an elevation of higher than 4,000m above sea level) using a 1.2m antenna and 4W, ideal for applications like mobile backhaul. Meanwhile, 153Mbps was transmitted over 36MHz from the hub to the remote station using a 1.2m antenna and 4W, as well as a 9m, 200W hub, in a set-up typical of VSAT operators. The hub to hub (9m and 200W to 9m) test recorded a result of 257Mbps into 60MHz, an arrangement appropriate for IP Trunking and optical fiber restoration or back-up.

 “The tests with Newtec demonstrated the outstanding performance of the company’s equipment for a variety of applications, and the high quality of our satellite services” said Iván Zambrana, General Executive Director of ABE. “The testing was conducted successfully and showed support for different standards (including DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X) and higher spectral efficiency levels with modulation schemes from QPSK to 256APSK. Advanced coding and bandwidth optimization was also achieved through reduced roll-off factors and Newtec’s Clean Channel Technology.”

 Newtec’s Clean Channel Technology improves satellite efficiency by up to 15% compared to the DVB-S2 standard. DVB-S2X boosts the satellite link up to 20% in Direct-To-Home (DTH) networks and up to 51% in other professional applications compared to DVB-S2.

 Newtec’s CEO Serge Van Herck added: “The results of these tests are very relevant for the Latin American market and demonstrate that our equipment is suitable for use by the majority of applications in the Satcom market, delivering not only the highest efficiency but also future-proof technology and reliable solutions.”

 The test results, which were achieved over two months, have now been officially certified by ABE.

Photo: Amachuma teleport; located in the La Paz department on the western side of Bolivia at an elevation of higher than 4,000m above sea level.