RYMSA RF expands coverage in Poland

During the summer of 2016, RYMSA consolidated its presence in Poland: a country which is currently investing in developing its technology. The Spanish company has supplied the cities of Katowice/Kosztowy and Opole/Chrzelice with their high-power radiating systems (100 KW and 60 KW respectively) and gain in horizontal polarisation, using the consolidated model of unitary antenna AT12-223.

With the installation of these systems, there has been greater signal cover for analogical FM Radio which reaches over 500,000 persons in the Regions of Silesia and Opole.

Additionally, antenna systems have been supplied for the centres in Gniezno, Zamosc and Kielze, giving analogue and digital radio cover (DAB+) in the regions of Lublin, Western Pomerania and Santa Cruz.