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Broadcast Wireless Systems - BWS Mini RXMicrowave

The BWS MiniRX has all the performance and features of a conventional rack-mounting receiver, but in an ultra-compact form factor, suitable for hand-held or lighting stand mounted operation.
It features with 2-way maximum ratio combining RF inputs, ensuring video is recovered free from the distortions typically associated with fading and multipath. All DVB-T 6/7/8MHz modes are supported. The MiniRX offers low-delay SD/HD H.264 and MPEG-2 decoding for compatibility with most wireless camera systems.

Multiple video output formats are offered with composite and SDI outputs in SD mode and HDSDI in HD mode. SDI/HD-SDI both feature embedded audio.

An ASI output is offered for use with repeater systems or onward transmission via satellite or telecom networks.

Control is via the front panel joystick/OLED display, or web-browser. When used in conjunction with the BWS 8.4 hand-held monitor, preset channels can be selected via a six button control pad built into the monitor front panel, allowing easy selection of up to six wireless cameras.

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Broadcast Wireless Systems - BWS Nano PRO TXMicrowave

WS has built upon the outstanding features of the award-winning DTC NanoHD TX to create the ultimate PoV/miniature broadcast transmitter.

The SOLO7 Nano HD Transmitter is an ultra-miniature COFDM digital video transmitter, designed specifically for Point-of-View (PoV) and body-worn applications.

With proven DTC COFDM and H.264 encoder technology at its core, exceptionally small size and ultra-low power consumption (typically 7W), the BWS PoV HD Transmitter enables production teams to offer viewers stunning high definition images from the heart of the action, in situations never previously possible due to equipment size and battery run-time constraints.

The small size and ultra-low power consumption make the BWS NanoPRO TX ideal for UAV ‘Octocopter’ installations, enabling true long range HD broadcasting from these increasingly popular devices for the first time. Optional lightweight, low power consumption amplifiers are also available for even greater range capability.

The transmitter employs ultra-low latency High Profile H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) encoding for excellent image quality retention over the wireless link and supports SDI & HD-SDI video input formats up to 1080p50/59.

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Compact TX

Broadcast Wireless Systems - Compact TXMicrowave

The BWSCTX Compact Transmitter from Broadcast Wireless Systems is a COFDM digital video transmitter designed for non-camera-back applications.

Utilising class-leading Cobham RF technology and High Profile H.264 encoding, the transmitter offers Ultra Low Delay, low power consumption, exceptional range and 40% lower bit-rates compared to legacy MPEG2 systems. This allows true HD transmission in a single 8MHz channel whilst using robust, lower order modulation.

The unit also features full control via its in-built control panel and daylight readable display, ‘hard’ on-off switch and low boot-up time after battery changes.

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Broadcast Wireless Systems - DTC Solo 7 OBTXMicrowave

The SOLO7 OB Transmitter from DTC is a compact and feature rich COFDM digital video transmitter specifically designed for high quality Outside Broadcast applications. This includes the latest in DTC encoder developments for 1080p50/60 support and 4:2:2 sampling.

Designed to offer maximum flexibility in the pressurised and rapidly-changing OB environment, the unit has a variety of video input options including composite, 3G-SDI and HDMI – particularly useful when accessing material in the field from pro-sumer and semi-professional equipment. Balance audio inputs feature variable gain and 12/48V microphone power. SDI or HDMI embedded audio inputs are also supported as standard. ASI interfaces enable the unit to be used as a stand-alone encoder or modulator.

The SOLO7 OB Transmitter has an integrated control panel with sunlight-readable OLED display covering all major functions and has 16 user-defined presets. A wide range of RF frequency bands is available from 200MHz to 8.9GHz. Users can upgrade the RF section to an alternative frequency band as a low-cost option.

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Sapphire HEVC

Broadcast Wireless Systems - Sapphire HEVCConverters / Encoders

HEVC offers many advantages over H.264. HEVC compression offers significant bitrate savings over traditional H.264 solutions, this saves broadcasters money on storage and contribution bandwidth. HEVC also supports the new 4K UHD formats required for contribution. The additional efficiency of HEVC makes wireless transmission of 4K possible. Broadcasters need a simple and reliable HEVC codec to move their contribution systems forward, the Sapphire Codec from BWS is the ideal solution.

Latency is critical in many broadcast applications and the Sapphire Codec is built to minimise latency without compromising quality. The 60mS end to end latency in HD and 90mS in UHD makes the Sapphire solution suitable for all live events,

The Sapphire Codec system compresses a single 4K UHD input or up to 4 HD inputs in one unit. Each input can support 2 stereo pairs of embedded audio. Compressed streams are available as IP or on DVB_ASI for interoperability.

The Sapphire HEVC Codec is available in a compact 1/2 19” package ideal for flyaway, SNG or ENG applications, or in a Clip-On configuration where it can work as a complement to existing wireless camera solutions.

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Broadcast Wireless Systems - AVL 0614Satellite

AVL 0614 60cm Manual or Motorized Flyaway antenna

The AVL 0614 is ultra- lightweight (<35lbs) 60 cm 8 piece carbon fibre antenna packs into an airline carry-on IATA compliant single case. Motorization is an option

Deployment time: 5 minutes

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Broadcast Wireless Systems - ODU X5Satellite

As most contributions are simple ‘down the line’ interviews with the studio, all that is required is for the shot to be correctly framed and in focus.

BIPS manufactures a range of modems designed specifically to work with the latest Ka-Band IP-over- Satellite systems.

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