TWTA’s Rack Mount and Antenna Mount

XTD-200K Antenna-Mount TWTA, Ku-Band, 200W

The XTD-200K is a compact, antenna mountable, traveling wave tube amplifier designed for low cost installation and long life. Intended for outdoor operation, the self contained XTD-200K eliminates the need for a separate amplifier shelter. In addition, the distance between the amplifier and the antenna feed horn can be short, thus eliminating long waveguide runs and their associated RF losses.

XTD-400C, XTD-750C, XTD-150X, XTD-400X, XTD-750X, XTD-200K, XTD-400KHE, XTD-400K, XTD-750KHE, XTD-750K, XTD-1250KHE, XTD-2500KHE, XTD-50DBS, XTD-270DBS, XTD-500DBS, XTD-750DBS, XTD-150Ka, XTD-175Ka, XTD-250Ka, XTD-500Ka, XTLIN-25/50/75, XTLIN 25/50/75/100+


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October 17, 2013