Transcend 900 – High Performance – Cost effective – All Outdoor Microwave Radio

Transcend™ 900 is a simple and versatile wireless point-to-point IP backhaul solution. This radio is available in selected licensed and unlicensed frequency bands between 6 GHz and 24 GHz (including the 5.8, 17 and 24 GHz unlicensed bands). The T-900 is designed to meet service providers’ stringent requirements for a high capacity, low cost of ownership carrier-grade backhaul solution.

Transcend™ 900 provides up to 900 Mbps Full Duplex throughput with low latency. The capacity and channel bandwidth are software adjustable between 3.5 and 112 MHz with hitless adaptive modulation from QPSK to 1024 QAM.

This product is future-proof, as user can provision the traffic capacity based on priority, or dynamically (adaptively), change it to provide the best throughput through the system. This can be according to CoS priorities, or QoS for VoIP traffic.

In addition, Advantech Wireless Transcend™ 900 has advanced Adaptive Coding and Modulation. Radio coding and modulation is dynamically and seamlessly adapted to the path propagation conditions. The end results are increased network availability with decreased antenna sizes. The ACM is perfectly suited for Ethernet IP backbones, where instantaneous capacity can be traded for sustained availability during fading conditions. The built-in traffic priority ensures safe delivery of information together with low latency and a minimum packet loss in transmission.


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June 28, 2016