Studio Transmitter Links GTX/GRX

Announcing the all new Marti GTX/GRX series of Studio to Transmitter links which offer the robustness of the Marti line, plus many advancements in performance, ease of use, and maintainability. The Marti GTX/GRX are available in most standard STL frequency bands from 215 MHz to 2.6 GHz, and are frequency agile within each band, eliminating hard to find crystals, and in power levels up to 15 watts.

  • The GRX receiver features a DSP based IF stage with better selectivity and linearity than conventional IF filters.
  • A high stability, low phase noise TCXO serves as the frequency reference.
  • Available in mono or composite stereo, and with SCA/RDS inputs. Digital stereo encoder and decoder optional.
  • High efficiency, low-noise switch-mode power supply, with extended 90-260 VAC input range and battery backup input with recharging option.
  • Highly selective low-loss RF input filter for excellent sensitivity and excellent performance in noisy RF environments.
  • No fans needed in either the receiver or transmitter for long life and clean operation.
  • Both transmitter and receiver offer full digital readout with a simple and intuitive front panel jog wheel, coupled with extensive RS232-based programmability and monitoring. A web-based UI is optionally available.
  • All Marti current and past products are fully supported by Broadcast Electronics in Quincy, IL.

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Posted on

March 11, 2023