4T2 RF-Analyser Application

Provides DVB-T2, DVB-T, ATSC modulation analysis with Constellation, MER, and EVM vs Carrier displays.TPS analysis covering mode, FFT length, spectrum orentation, bit-rates, and Cell-ID with Bit Error Rates with Level and MER data logging. Spectrum and Impulse Response analysis with mask and marker support. Group Delay analysis with mask and marker support. Allows Impulse Response analysis with SFN transmitter power & frequency-offset measurements. Coverage analysis of up to 3 channels with logging of GPS coordinates and map display.

4T2-Portable, 4T2-Portable light, 4T2-Rack demodulator, 4T2-Rack receiver, XTASI, 4T2 Content-Analyser Application, 4T2 RF-Analyser Application


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October 17, 2013