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Video processing technology to deliver quality video where it matters, when it matters

V-Nova’s award-winning PERSEUS™ delivers on the promises of next generation image and video codecs by compressing video at “bandwidth that matters” on available encoders and decoders, at the same time providing substantial reductions in processing power requirements and core encoding latency.

Uniquely, the PERSEUS codec format was designed from the ground up for hierarchical (“multiscale”) and massively parallel processing. This allows better compression and substantial processing power reductions without requiring dedicated hardware acceleration, hence maintaining compatibility with available and/or legacy devices.

Professional equipment enabled with PERSEUS provide broadcasters, content producers and service operators with the industry’s best and most reliable performance at the lowest equipment cost.

Professional distribution encoders and transcoders enabled with PERSEUS enable service operators to deliver high quality live and VoD video at operating points that matter: from 100 Kbps for enjoyable mobile video, to 300 Kbps for mobile HD, 1 Mbps for monetisable full HD mobile video for streaming and downloads, 2 Mbps for full HD IPTV and OTT programming to all fixed broadband users, 6 Mbps for UHD movie streaming and 4K 360/VR immersive video at scale, 10 Mbps for scalable DTH and Cable high-framerate UHD sports services.

PERSEUS leverages standard encapsulation and transmission standards, and is thus transparent to encryption (DRM, CA), metadata management, packagers, Content Delivery Networks, etc. Connected devices, PCs and set top boxes alike – including low-spec devices such as old deployed set top boxes – can be easily be enabled to decode PERSEUS, transparently to the end user.


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December 1, 2017

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