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LGR-1000 LiveGear Receiver

The LGR-1000 is a receiver and playout device designed to receive AirStream or AirCam IP transmissions via the internet and provide an HD/ SD-SDI output. It can receive up to 4 AirStream, AirCam or NewStream transmissions simultaneously, providing a cost-effective means to receive live, remote Cellular Newsgathering content, which can then be viewed locally on a HD-SDI monitor or streamed to your favorite content delivery networks. There are no expensive receive site infrastructures to support as with traditional electronic newsgathering systems.

The Vislink Hybrid Newsgathering Solution (outlined in the diagram below) combines cellular and microwave transmission technologies at the scene of the event, the LGR-1000 receiver unit at the broadcast studio for IP transmission, and the Video Media Server for push to edge devices, such as smartphones and tablets

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Posted on

June 28, 2016