XTS-8K-B1 DC-Powered Ku-Band Amplifier, 39dBm Output Power

The XTS-8K-B1 High Power Solid State Block Upconverters (BUC) are a series of compact, fully integrated antenna mount units designed for low cost operation and longevity. The L-Band input interfaces to standard modems operating in the 950 – 1700 MHz range. Intended for outdoor operation, the XTS-8K-B1 eliminates the need for a separate shelter. The construction and light weight allows for direct mount to the antenna. This eliminates long waveguide runs and associated RF losses.

XTS-50X-B1, XTS-25K-B1, XTS-40K-B1, XTS-40KHE-B1, XTS-20KaL-B1


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October 17, 2013