BrightEye Embedders/Disembedders

BrightEye 20 is a versatile audio mux/demux. With SD SDI video I/O, and both analog and AES I/O, it is field configurable for embedding or disembedding. When configured as a multiplexer, BrightEye 20 has one serial digital video input and two AES digital audio inputs. Alternately, the 4 channel analog audio input can be used. The audio is embedded into the digital video stream. The output is a serial digital video stream that contains the original video plus the two AES streams or four analog audio channels.

Range Incl: BE-20, BE-21, BE-22, BE-23, BE-24, BE-25, BE-26, BE-30, BE-70, BE-71, BE-72, BE-73, BE-74, BE-75, BE-76


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October 22, 2015