4T2-Rack receiver

The 4T2-Rack receiver monitoring instrument is the off-air variant of the 4T2-Rack demodulator. The systems are offering 4 slots that can be equipped with any combination of measurement hardware based on XTASI modules. Each input is analysed by one instance of the 4T2 Content-Analyser. Remote Control is achieved by implementing the DVB-SNMP interface to ensure seamless operation with third party network management software. The instruments are prepared to be integrated into a network with a Gbit-ethernet interface. Relay contacts are available for local alarming.

4T2-Portable, 4T2-Portable light, 4T2-Rack demodulator, 4T2-Rack receiver, XTASI, 4T2 Content-Analyser Application, 4T2 RF-Analyser Application


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October 17, 2013