4T2-Portable light

DVB-T2 MI analyser on ASI or on IP input – Transport Stream analyser with Multi-Viewer – SI-Tree, SI-table repetition, TR.101.290 1st, 2nd, 3rd priorities, Services & PIDs display, Data-rates display & graph, PCR-rate & Jitter, H.264 HD decoder, Black/Freeze detector, Audio mute, triggered capture, log-file – DVB-T/T2 RF analyser with Level, MER, EVM, bit errors Constellation display, Impulse Response display, Spectrum display, DVB-S/S2 RF analyser with Level, SNR, bit errors.

4T2-Portable, 4T2-Portable light, 4T2-Rack demodulator, 4T2-Rack receiver, XTASI, 4T2 Content-Analyser Application, 4T2 RF-Analyser Application


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October 17, 2013