2wcom IP Codecs

IP-8cb – Audio over IP Codec
Up to 8 AES-3id digital stereo inputs and outputs

IP-8i – AES67 Audio Interface
Up to 8 digital or 4 analog stereo inputs

IP-4c – Audio over IP Codec
Multi-format 4-channel Audio encoder/decoder

IP-4d – Audio over IP Decoder
Multi-format 4-channel audio decoder

IP-8e – Audio over IP Encoder
Multi-format 8-channel audio encoder.

IP-8m – Audio over IP Codec
Phase-locked multichannel AoIP codec for surround sound

MPX-1c – FM-MPX over IP Codec
1-channel MPX Decoder

MPX-2c – FM-MPX over IP Codec
2-channel MPX Composite Decoder


Posted on

March 8, 2023