Following on from their debut at the London 6 Day Cycling event in 2015, Presteigne was asked to provide on-board cameras as part of the 2016 television coverage for these events, covering London, Ghent and Amsterdam.

Presteigne deployed four of their BACPAC combined GoPro / Vislink HEROCast systems coupled with a Vislink L2174-based receive system.

Presteigne chose the HEROCast all-in-one transmitter units for their coding quality, RF ruggedness and, as an all–in-one design, their ability to be quickly switched from one bike to another and between different bike mounted positions as each evening’s racing progressed.

The Six Day race series is comprised of multiple, varied forms of racing and features many of the world’s top professional riders who intensely compete over the six days in a festival atmosphere.

All of the events were shown live on Eurosport with the on-board footage being a significant part of the live coverage, as well as being used for action replays.

Presteigne CEO, Mike Ransome, said “The on-board images enabled viewers to experience vantage points never before seen, which boosts viewer engagement and entertainment. And because the RF links were 100% reliable, the experience was as near to ‘there’ as you can get in a two-dimensional world.”