EI Towers Mediaset made full use of their Vislink equipment on Saturday, March 25, as they captured Pope Francis’ one-day visit to Milan, where the Holy Father took time to visit those marginalized by society in what is one of the world’s largest Roman Catholic diocese.

It was a very busy day for the Pope, as he traversed the city multiple times, including a trip to Monza where at an open-air Mass in the famous park he spoke to over a million Catholics.  For his final appointment, Francis met with 80,000 young people and their families in Milan’s San Siro Stadium, home to the rival AC Milan and Inter Milan soccer clubs.

EI Towers Mediaset were present at the two major congregations, making use of their Clip-On 4 wireless camera transmitters and MDR diversity receive systems to bring the Pope closer to those attending via the big screens at the venues, and allowing those watching from home to see and hear His Holiness.