NTT Electronics to Exhibit New Products and Technologies at “NAB 2017”

NTT Electronics Corporation will jointly exhibit with NTT(Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) and NTT-ITat NAB2017 (Booth No. SU3021).

Technologies on exhibit:

  • [ NTT Electronics Exhibits ] 4K H.265/HEVC Encoder & Decoder – HDR, 100ms Low Latency

    Using an in-house ASIC, HC11000 Series is NTT Electronics’ 4:2:2 10bit H.265/HEVC real-time encoder. It has the capability to transmit high quality video images in low bitrate, low latency with low power consumption. HC11000 has the scalable capability from SD to HD and to 4K 60p.

    Inheriting the success with HV9100/9200 series, HC11000 series has the necessary functions as well as the promising stability to be used in the Olympics, World Cup and other World Class Sporting events. H.265/HEVC technology will help reduce bandwidth and save operational cost while maintaining high quality.

    At NAB2017, we are going to exhibit the decoded images using our real-time encoder and decoder to demonstrate our high picture quality and low latency. You will also be able to see both 1RU Full (HC11000) and Half Rack (HC10000) configurations.

    • HC10000E/HC11000E HEVC/AVC, 4K/HD/SD Encoder

      Superior quality and performance using single-chip H.265/HEVC Encoder LSI Supports 4K/60p 4:2:2 10bit.

      • HC10000D/HC11000D HEVC/AVC/MPEG-2, 4K/HD/SD Decoder

        High Performance and Reliable 10bit 4:2:2 HEVC/AVC/MPEG-2 Decoder.

        • [ NTT Electronics & NTT-IT Exhibit ] Smart Contribution Solution for Remote Live Production

          Broadcasters introduce “Remote Live Production” solutions to reduce production cost and keep the quality high for sport live productions. “Smart Contribution Solution” provides multiple video stream transmissions from sport stadiums to the broadcasting center with a cost-effective, secure and managed mechanism.

          At NAB Show 2017, NTT Group demonstrates a working system of “Smart Contribution Solution”.

  • [ NTT-IT Exhibits ] Video Production Server “viaPlatz 4K/8K”

    viaPlatz 4K/8K is a scalable video server system for live productions and content creations with high image quality. Providing solutions are live production, HDR processing and HDR10 file generation and Channel-in-a-BOX. The feature includes IP stream I/O and use of COTS H/W for constructing cost-effective next generation video production systems.

    We exhibit viaPlatz 4K/8K for HDR Re-mastering and Channel-in-a-Box solutions at NAB Show 2017.

  • [ NTT R&D Exhibits ] Real-time 4K HFR+HDR H.265/HEVC Encoder

    The first real-time 4K HFR+HDR H.265/HEVC encoder is showed in NAB Show. Cooperative parallel processing of our first-ever 4K-scalable H.265/HEVC encoder LSIs acheves real-time encoding of 4K HFR+HDR contents with superior image quality, suitable for on-line transmission and broadcasting.

    We demonstrate the brand-new encoder running and 4K HFR+HDR encoded images.