NTT Electronics to Exhibit New Products and Technologies at “IBC 2016”

4K HEVC Encoder & Decoder 120ms Low Latency

Using an in-house ASIC, HC11000 Series is NTT Electronics’ brand new 4:2:2 10bit H.265/HEVC real-time encoder. It has the capability to transmit high quality video images in low bitrate, low latency with low power consumption. HC11000 is scalable from SD to HD and to 4K 50p.

Inheriting the success with HV9100/9200 series, HC11000 series has the necessary functions as well as the promising stability to be used in the Olympics, World Cup and other World Class Sporting events. H.265/HEVC technology will help reduce bandwidth and save operational cost while maintaining high quality.

At the IBC2016, we are going to exhibit the decoded images using our real-time encoder and decoder to demonstrate our high picture quality and low latency. You will also be able to see both 1RU Full (HC11000) and Half Rack (HC10000) configurations.

NTT R&D Exhibits

Real-time 8K H.265/HEVC Encoder

The first 8K/60p H.265/HEVC encoder ever in IBC Show. Cooperative parallel processing of our first-ever 8K-scalable H.265/HEVC encoder LSIs archives real-time encoding of SHD 8K contents with better image quality, suitable for on-line transmission, broadcasting and distribution.

New concept of future live viewing by Immersive Telepresence “Kirari!”

NTT has been researching immersive telepresence system called Kirari!. Kirari! is the next generation live viewing service which delivers the entire event atmosphere to the world. Wherever the audience are, Kirari! provides a realistic experience as being in the live event venue.

Kirari! will be exhibited at 8.F22 (Future Zone).

NTT DATA Italia Exhibits

NTT DATA HYPER – AVC/HEVC offline Transcoding Solution

NTT DATA Hyper is an advanced software for automated batch transcoding of videos for OTT VoD services, on show at IBC 2016. It enables the creation of ultra-optimized, tailor-made encoding pipelines that leverage innovative features such as content-aware encoding and hybrid-cloud architecture. Hyper 2.0 offers top class quality / bitrate ratios at any resolution and supports H.264, H.265 up to 4K in HDR, VP9 and VNOVA’s Perseus codec.

NTT DATA GAIA – SDI enhancement video filter

NTT DATA GAIA is a hw-based SDI filter that, leveraging on NTT DATA’s psychovisual techniques, applies a pre-distortion to SDI stream to obtain a better subjective image after the AVC/HEVC compression. Card based form factor, can be deployed inside 1U three slot or 3U eight slot rack chassis, with ldc screen & user interface for configuration.


A novelty system to deliver low latency ABR streaming on common protocols like HLS and DASH. The system comprises a special origin server, procedures and player heuristics optimized for low latency streaming of live events sensible to delay like sport events. The system is designed for use in real-life scenarios with wide and unexpected bandwidth fluctuations and is ready for delivery in consumer-centric environments. It supports different levels of latency starting from 2-3 seconds.

NTT-IT Exhibits

Visualizing the Transmission Problem of IP Video Stream

NTT IT demonstrates “viaPlatz Stream Monitor” to visualize the status and problems in IP video transmissions at IBC 2016. Using multiple stream measuring points, the system can identify the location of problems instantly.