NTT Electronics continues to expand coherent optical communications portfolio by adding high performance linear driver and receiver ICs

First ever semiconductor development investment in United States, via a new subsidiary focused on serving the optical communications marketNov 14, 2022 | Source : NTT Electronics | Yokohama, Japan and Beaverton, USA

News Highlights:

  • Market Leading 100G to 600G+ Coherent DSP line-up
  • New subsidiary “fJscaler Inc.”, to be based in Beaverton, Oregon
  • A highly experienced team focused on high performance mixed signal analog linear coherent integrated circuits
  • fJscaler’s charter to service market leading applications with coherent optics in DCI, long-reach, and future new markets

Yokohama, Japan and Beaverton, Oregon, Nov. 14, 2022 — NTT Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of coherent Digital Signal Processor (DSP) solutions to system and module manufacturers worldwide, today announced that it has closed a strategic investment to formulate a majority owned subsidiary focusing on differentiated electronics integrated circuits (ICs) that powers its 100G+ coherent DSP product portfolio. The new subsidiary, fJscaler Inc. brings a rich talent pool and history of delivering critical components at that PHY layer. fJscaler will continue mass production of its linear driver and TIA for 100-400G ZR/ZR+ applications, and will immediately begin executing a roadmap to service the next generation of coherent optics as well as many other growth markets for coherent optical communications.

fJscaler, a new majority owned subsidiary of NTT Electronics, is a fabless semiconductor group designing high-speed, high-performance ICs for coherent optics, as well as several related interconnects in the optical communications market needing PAM4, Direct Detect and other modulation schemes.

According to NTT Electronics, “fJscaler is both strategic and fundamental to our growth roadmaps with 100G and beyond in coherent optics to create high-value differentiated solutions with time-to-market and performance focus, noted Osamu Ishida, EVP of Global Strategy at NTT Electronics. “We also see value in this subsidiary creating components for other leading coherent solutions in the market as a merchant semiconductor group, enabling economies of scale that benefit the overall market.”, he added.

According to fJscaler, “Today marks the exciting new phase for this highly experienced team that has delivered over a billion ICs in production, from 1G to now 400G linear coherent optics. We’re a fully functional team with IC design, development, and production – end-to-end capabilities in the United States, bringing an edge to NTT Electronics and our other customers,” noted Jan Filip, fJscaler CEO and President and added “We’re committed to continue serving NTT Electronics and strengthen the valued partnership this team has formed for many years and well into the future.”