NTT Electronics 64GBaud High-performance Coherent DSP Now Shipping in Volume

The new DSP ExaSPEED TERA Enables Industry-leading Per-lambda 600Gbps Fiber Transmission

News Highlights:

  • Expands industry-leading lineup of ExaSPEED® coherent Digital Signal Processors (DSP’s) by NTT Electronics
  • Enables per-lambda 200Gbps Long Haul transport by QPSK, 400Gbps Metro by 16QAM, or 600Gbps ZR by 64QAM
  • Maximizes per-lambda fiber capacity by three times, and extends fiber reach by 60%

Yokohama, Japan
February 27, 2019

NTT Electronics (NEL), a leading supplier of coherent Digital Signal Processor (DSP) solutions to system and module manufacturers worldwide, today announced that its industry-leading 64GBaud high-performance coherent DSP product, ExaSPEED TERA, is now generally available and is shipping in volume for manufacturers.

The new DSP ExaSPEED TERA, as an expansion of NEL’s industry-leading lineup of ExaSPEED coherent DSP family, supports flexible line capacities from 100Gbps/λ by 32GBaud QPSK to industry-leading 600Gbps/λ by 64GBaud 64QAM, by combining multiple Baud-rates and modulation-formats including hybrid-coding and/or multi-dimensional modulation format. Its high-speed real-time coherent processing at 64GBaud enables thousands-of-kilometers LH transport at 200Gbps/λ by Dual-Polarization (DP) QPSK, hundreds-of-kilometers Metro transport at 400Gbps/λ by DP 16QAM, or 120km ZR transport at 600Gbps/λ by DP 64QAM.

ExaSPEED TERA is the second offering in NEL’s third-generation 16-nm CMOS coherent DSP family. Its brand-new DSP core enhances per-lambda fiber capacity by three times up to 600Gbps/λ, and extends fiber reach by 60% compared with 32Gbaud ExaSPEED 200, the first offering in NEL’s 16-nm CMOS DSP family (*1).

product photo 'ExaSPEED TERA'

NEL will continue to expand its industry-leading coherent DSP lineup, and provide merchant silicon solutions for cost-effective upgrades in LH, Metro, and shorter-reach data-center-interconnect (DCI) applications.