Novra Group Announces Integration of ZIXI for Realtime Radio, Television and Cinema Distribution

Ottawa, ON – (September 21, 2021):  Novra Technologies Inc. (“Novra”) (TSX-V: NVI) and its subsidiary International Datacasting Corporation (“IDC”) announced a new collaboration with Zixi—the pioneer in live broadcast-quality video delivery—to integrate Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) client into Novra Group’s next-generation MAP product line for broadcast television and radio networks.

The MAP (Modular Architecture Platform) family of products is designed to provide a flexible, reliable, professional hardware appliance that can be customized, upgraded, and even expanded as broadcasters’ requirements evolve and grow. MAP will now offer as an option the Zixi protocol—a resilient congestion and network-aware protocol that adjusts to varying network conditions and employs patented, dynamic Forward Error Correction techniques for error-free video transport over IP with 99.9999% uptime at minimal latency. It provides best-in-class security with DTLS and AES encryption, allows for protected multicast transport, provides bandwidth efficiency and enables encoder backpressure.

IDC is a leader in IP-enabled distribution of broadcast radio and television. MAP and IDC’s own MISTiQ software are part of the company’s strategic investment in enabling distribution via satellite and/or internet, as needed.  Adding support for Zixi is another indicator of the company’s continued leadership in internet distribution for radio and television broadcasters, offering clients the choice of standalone satellite, standalone internet distribution, or a hybrid with satellite to backup internet delivery or internet backing up satellite. Gary Carter, VP Products and Business Development at IDC pointed out, “This is where MAP’s modular approach really shines, we can add expanded storage, specific software, and other features as needed.”

Earlier this year IDC began providing MAP Pro Audio receiver decoders with Zixi inside to a US-based global television and radio broadcaster for use on both internet and satellite feeds. The network distributes many channels of radio and television and receive sites include internet-only, satellite-only, and hybrid locations for backup. The rollout of new Zixi-enabled receivers has been a great success.

“The MAP family of products are flexible and serve a broad set of customers in Media and Entertainment” said Naytram Deonarain, Technical Partner Manager, Zixi. “This integration allows us to together deliver live, broadcast quality video securely to the market.”

NovraGroup President and CEO Harris Liontas commented, “We are excited about including Zixi in our products. Their reputation and experience has made them a favorite in the industry. We share a focus on secure, ultra-reliable distribution, and we are pleased to offer broadcasters and service providers a choice when it comes to solutions for reliable, secure distribution of media assets. We continue to be on the cutting edge, working with our diverse customer community who are already migrating beyond traditional satellite-only networks to hybrid and internet-only infrastructure. This new generation of products is designed for the internet-enabled future.”