Nine Network Australia Upgrades Satellite Network With Newtec

SYDNEY, Australia, and SINT-NIKLAAS, Belgium, 16 June 2014. Nine Network Australia has deployed several of Newtec’s solutions in order to boost efficiency in its satellite network, allowing 64% more data rate throughput.

 A large order of Newtec’s broadcast satellite modulators and demodulators, designed for broadcast contribution, DSNG and distribution applications over satellite, has now been deployed across the Nine Network, which is one of the highest-rating television networks in Australia. The upgrade, supplied via Newtec’s Australian partner Lumina Broadcast Systems, is fully compliant with DVB-S2 and utilizes Newtec’s Clean Channel Technology® and Multistream® technology. Multistream allows Nine to aggregate independent transport streams into a single satellite carrier.

 “If I think back to a time before upgrading the lower half of our Ku Band leased transponder we operated two carriers totalling 45Mbps throughput in an occupied bandwidth of 27MHz. Compare this to now in the same occupied bandwidth we achieve two carriers totalling 74Mbps throughput. This improved throughput is a lot more than we could have achieved with the older DVB-S technology,” said Geoff Osborne, Engineering Development Manager at Nine Network.

 Newtec and Nine Network have a long history of working together to optimize satellite efficiency and Osborne said a strong rapport, value added services, reliability and post sales support influenced Nine Network Australia’s decision to opt for Newtec’s new technologies.

 “I have been working closely with engineers from Newtec for more than 15 years personally. In fact in some instances Newtec technology installed back at the start of our relationship is still operating perfectly,” said Osborne. ”As time is often short, the best thing is having Newtec available to help design and plan options for the best topology and upgrades for our network. Giving our viewers the widest choice and greatest quality, using the satellite capacity we lease in the most effective way, is top priority.”

 Newtec’s solutions are designed to have a multitude of advantages including lower operational costs, highest bandwidth efficiency, guaranteed interoperability with DVB receivers, high versatility and flexibility as well as a future-proof design combining video and IP technologies.

“Working together with Nine Network Australia has been fantastic and we are pleased to have delivered a great boost to the efficiency of their satellite operations with our solutions. Long-term relationships are very important to us and that’s why delivering a good after and pre-sales support is so important,” said Dave Suffys, Sales Support Manager at Newtec.