New technologies designed in to Enigma Matrix range

ETL’s flagship switch matrix / router, the ENIGMA, now includes new models with enhanced features.

As standard, the ENIGMA matrix range provides 32 input x 32 output RF signal routing, with minimal impact of failure from fully hot-swap dual redundant power supplies, dual redundant CPU’s and RF cards. The Enigma can be supplied as a part populated chassis and can be expanded in single increments as teleport feeds increase. Single input and output cards provide a single point of failure, so that in the unlikely event of a failure a card can be swapped out whilst the unit is in service, ensuring signals are always on-air.

 New technologies designed in to Enigma Matrix models for custom projects include:

 – Models NGM-46 & NGMC-47

High performance RX and TX matrix with high linearity (25 dBm OIP3) to cater for high power input signals, low noise (12.5 dB) and 1+1 signal redundancy with auto switchover based on internal alarm detection.

 – Model NGM-48

Increased operating frequency range up to 4 GHz.

 – Model NGM-23

Passive matrix designed for high power applications.

– Model NGM-30

High linearity (+10 dBm 1dB GCP) and variable gain (+/- 5 dB gain) to balance input signals.